Listado de FreeSoft

Listado muy Completo - File archiver (Open Source). - Deletes unwanted Software - Stickies for your Desktop (Freeware) Anti-Virus - One of the best Virus Scanner around Browser - Another Web Browser (Freeware) HTTP Server - HTTP server (Open Source). - Audio editor (Open Source). - DVD to DivX/Xvid Converter (Freeware) - Encryption Software (Open Source) - BitTorrent client (Open Source). - Alternative shell for Windows (Open Source). - BitTorrent client (Freeware) - 3D graphics creation suite (Open Source). - Virtual Desktop Program (Freeware) & Abel - All-in-one Security Tool (Freeware) - MP3 ripper (Open Source). - Real-time 3D space simulation (Open Source). - Cleans Crap on your Computer (Freeware) Manager - Free Organizing Software (Freeware) - powerful text editor (Freeware) - Versioning system (Freeware). - Linux-like environment for Windows (Open Source). - Drawing program (Open Source). - Desktop Icon Manager (Freeware) Shrink - DVD Decrypter Software (freeware) - Java IDE (Open Source). - Customizable Cmd Alternative (freeware) Home Edition - System Diagnostic Tool (Freeware) - Easy to use Feed Reader - FTP client (Open Source). - Web browser (Open Source). PDF Viewer - Fastest PDF Viewer around (Freeware) - Open Source Photo-Realistic Sky Generator in Real Time - Audio player (Freeware). - Mind-mapping tool (Open Source). - A multi-protocol instant messaging (IM) client (Open Source) - Mouse Recording Program (Freeware) - IP telephone (Freeware) Drive - Gmail shell extension (Freeware). - Plotting utility (Freeware). Earth - imagery and other geographic information program - Another sticky notes reminder program (Freeware) - Offline browsing utility (Open Source). Sushi - Icon editor (Freeware). - Vector graphics editor (Open Source). - Image viewer (Freeware). - Another compression utility (Freeware) - Programming language/platform. - Widgets Software (Freeware) - light-weight and easy-to-use password manager (Open Source) Personal Firewall - Firewall (Freeware). - IRC client (Nagware/Commercial). Monkey - Jukebox Software (Freeware) - Screen Capture Utility (Freeware) - Database server (Open Source/Commercial). - Game (Open Source). - A source code editor (Open Source) - Web editor (Open Source) - Office suite (Open Source). - Web browser (Adware/Commercial). - PDF Creator (Open Source) Explorer - Useful tool for tracking Programs and dll’s running on background (Freeware) - Programming language. - Telnet/SSH client (Open Source). - all-in-one programmers editor (Freeware) Alternative - Play Quicktime files w/o Quicktime Player Monitor - Monitors bandwidth usage - Desktop calendar (Open Source). Alternative - Play RealMedia Files w/o Real Player - File undelete software (Freeware) Bandit - News aggregator (Open Source). - advanced sytem monitoring and desktop enhancement (Freeware) - Text editor (Open Source). - Adds nifty functions for explorer (Freeware) v2 - Shell manager for Windows (Freeware). SAD - Deletes unwanted Software - Database management tool (Freeware/Commercial). - Standalone Calendar - Text editor (Nagware/Commercial). GIMP - Graphics editor (Open Source). Regex Coach - Regular expression tool (Freeware). - Mail client (Open Source). - Instant Messaging client (Freeware/Commercial). - A Free text editor (Open Source) Dimension - Virtual Desktop Software (Open Source) - Video processing and capture (Open Source). Buster - Internet Telephony Software - Media player(Freeware). - Diff utility (Open Source). Wind - Free Satellite Viewing Software Home Edition - XML Development Tool (Freeware)