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McAfee AntiSpyware 2006 Full

Proven security that helps prevent spyware Protects your identity from being compromised Detects persistent and offensive Internet promotions Monitors your PC for changes in security settings Prevents unwanted programs from reporting your Internet activities Updates automatically to protect against new threats Your PC has become more than a means to browse the Internet or send e-mail. It's used to manage your budget, submit your taxes, create your resume, save your photos, or simply organize your life. Its become a digital fingerprint of who you are. And in doing so, your PC is a target for identity thieves. Proven security that helps prevent spyware McAfee AntiSpyware detects potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), such as spyware, adware, dialers, tracking cookies, and other unwelcome marketing programs before they compromise your personnal information, invade your privacy, or slow the performance of your PC.

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