Mejor o peor que antes? Liogo

What is LIOGO ?

LIOGO is a Logo compiler for .NET.

Logo is an interactive programming language mainly used for learning. First, Logo is really good for drawing because in Logo you draw using a "turtle" that you must teach what you want to draw. Logo is also a powerful dynamic programming language: you can build a fully new program in your Logo program using list and variable. Finally, Logo has an active community of teachers, artists and developer.

Most notable features of LIOGO are:

* UCBLogo compatibility,
* Framework of more than 100 Logo procedures,
* Turtle graphics Framework,
* Compile to EXE or dynamically loadable DLL,
* Can call any .NET Assembly from LIOGO using any .NET language (C#, VB.NET, C++, ...),
* True Logo variable scope (called can see calling variable),
* Logo dynamic operation (RUN, MAP, INVOKE, FOREACH, ...),
* Multi-thread core,
* Multi OS Support: Windows and Linux,
* Localization of structural element and framework,
* Totally Free and Open Source (under GPL License).


Resumen: es el Logo (uno de los primeros lenguajes para aprender a programar), pero con el framework de .net de soporte.
Espero que alguno le sirva al menos para recordar...