NASA World Wind 1.3.1(NeW!)

Si alguin lo baja, co mparta las fotos, que se me [email protected] la geforce

La NASA ha publicado el proyecto 'World Wind', un software que incorpora las topografías realizadas via satélite de toda la superficie terrestre para conocer el planeta... sin moverte de tu habitación. :-) Es de gran tamaño (170MB) pero vale la pena

System Requirements

Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, 2003 or XP
3D graphics card (see Video Card Compatibility)
Internet connection
Windows 95,98,ME compatibility
Version 1.3 of World Wind shouldn't have a problem running unless it is due to an older computer / video card. I would appreciate some feedback on this. The latest version removed the texture converter code so the annoying black dos box shouldn't show up.

Microsoft .NET 1.1 (Microsoft Directx 9.0c (December 2004 redistributable)

Minimum configuration
With the minimum configuration, performance and functionality may be less than expected.

700 MHz or higher CPU
128 MB RAM
1 GB disk space (World Wind's cache size is 2 GB by default; you must reduce the size of your cache - Someone put a link here or instructions)
Recommended configuration
1.4 GHz or higher CPU
256 MB of RAM
DSL/cable connection or faster
3 GB of disk space