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Norton AntiVirus scans for viruses by using files called "virus definitions." Each virus definition enables the antivirus software to recognize and act against a particular virus. To protect your computer against new viruses as they appear, you need to keep your virus definitions and Norton AntiVirus applications current by running either Norton's LiveUpdate or Bear Access' NAV Updater. LiveUpdate is software included with Norton AntiVirus. It checks the web for updates to Norton AntiVirus, virus definitions, and LiveUpdate itself. Norton AntiVirus will automatically prompt you to run LiveUpdate if the virus definitions on your computer have become more than a month old. NAV Updater is a service provided by Cornell that allows you to update your Norton AntiVirus files through Bear Access. This service can be useful when you have trouble connecting to LiveUpdate (the LiveUpdate servers tend to become very busy, making it difficult to get a connection, whenever a new virus outbreak is announced). You get exactly the same updates whether you use LiveUpdate or NAV Updater. NAV Updater is updated every Monday and after the announcement of new virus outbreaks.




Funciona perfecto el catalog va por aca (2000/XP):
C:Archivos de programaSymantecLiveUpdate

Esto varia segun c/u....