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ReactOS: Clon de Win NT

ReactOS = Micro-soft Windows NT/2000 Clone

Solo 12 MB, es compatible con ls aplicaciones y drivers mas comunes de Win.

Mas Info

- Actual Version: ReactOS v0.2.9 Release - Only ~12MB ! [December 23, 2005]


- ChangeLog: http://www.reactos.org/wiki/index.php/ChangeLog-0.2.9

- More Info, Forums, Downloads (Official): http://www.reactos.org/
- ScreenShots( viejas): http://www.sky.franken.de/explorer/screenshots.html
- ScreenShots (Official): http://www.reactos.org/xhtml/en/screenshots.html

Attention: If you try it in a Virtual Machine (VMware, Virtual PC),
it will run slowly. Better use the LiveCD, and test directly in your
machine (without needing to install it or modifing things).