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Shortcut PhotoZoom Professional
For Windows
Version: 1.0.12.
Release date: April 28, 2005.

Shortcut PhotoZoom Pro (formerly known as S-Spline 2) is a software program that promises to resize your photos without losing any quality. You can use it to interpolate, or blow up, your images to larger sizes. At the end of 2003 I needed a program like Shortcut PhotoZoom Pro for two reasons. I wanted to create a 30x20 inch print at 254dpi from a Canon EOS 10D source file, and I also needed to interpolate some 10D files up to 48Mb in size for submission to an image library. So did Shortcut PhotoZoom Pro deliver on its promises? Did it create a quality print for me and were my stock images accepted? Find out in my review.

PhotoZoom Pro

Especially designed for the demanding image processing professional, Shortcut® PhotoZoom™ Pro is new spectacular software for enlarging digital images.
Amongst professionals quality loss caused by digital image magnification is a very common problem. PhotoZoom Pro is able to render true to life image magnifications, without the serrated edges yet perfectly focused, without any loss of quality! The software is perfectly suited for image magnification in DTP, industrial image processing (such as in space technology), medical applications, security (e.g. police) large printing, but also the Internet and digital photography!
Currently there is no better solution than PhotoZoom Pro for digital image enlargement.