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SimDisc v3.02.816

Installs up to 63 virtual drives in Windows NT/2000/XP (maximum number of available drives depends on the amount of available drive letters in Windows 9x/ME, up to 23 drives)

Full network support: All virtual drives can be accessed from anywhere on your LAN, just like real ones. Create your virtual CD-ROM server without a pile of noisy optical drives!
SimDisc supports virtually any disc format, including video and audio CDs
extend notebook battery lifetime by using your harddisk instead of the power-consuming optical drive
Create safety backups of your expensive original discs, then keep them in a safe place and work with the virtual disc.
No more annoying frequent disc changes - do it with a mouse-click!
Virtual drives are faster than any existing optical drive - no more "please wait, loading..." and stuttering video sequences due to bad optical drives