Soundmasker Deluxe v5.0.0.25

Sound Masker generates various types of noise. You can mix and match combinations and playback the output in realtime, or alternatively you can record the output straight to a wav or mp3 file, ready to create your own custom white noise masking CDs or Mp3s to listen to anywhere. You can also save as many of your configurations as you like - for example you may wish to save one to help you sleep at night and another to mask noise throughout the day whilst keeping you alert and focused. Sound Masker is completely customizable and is ideal for the home or apartment to screen noise from neighbors, or in the office environment where it can help to keep conversations private and improve overall workforce productivity. Students can also acheive significant improvements in concentration when noise masking is used to cancel out external distractions, again resulting in improved productivity. Soundmasker is extremely easy to setup and use - no previous experience is required, yet is powerful enough to rival professional hardware noise masking solutions costing hundreds of dollars.