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Se prohibe el uso de este software a toda semi consultora pedorra informatica que lo use con el unico fin de explotar a programadores novatos .. jajja

Store information about clients, contacts, projects, to do's, payments, timers, invoices, reports, employees and more! Features networking, multiple employee support (with permissions and hour tracking), simultaneous search of all data, multiple currencies (with automatic exchange rate updating), multiple contacts per client, project and client statuses and categories, modifiable taxes, and many more features!

What's new in this version:

* Fixed many issues with specific Win XP Pro setups causing all windows to be hidden on launch
* Put an error message when attempting to use the AddressBook picker to prevent crashes until the PlugIn gets fixed
* Error message now alerts users when data does not load correctly
* Additional coding for better error messages on crashes related to disconnects
* Added ProjectThisInvoiceHours tag for calculating hours each project has on a specified invoice

Track all Client and Project Information
Track every little detail of your clients and projects. Setup categories and statuses to easily organize your information. Track unlimited customizable project specs, which can be exported to invoices and reports.

Track Time
Keep track of all time spent on your projects. Setup Multiple rates and descriptions to be entered automatically. Easily access your timers from that Running Timers window or Menu Item to pause, stop, or edit.



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