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StuffIt Deluxe 8.0.2 (Mac)

Herramienta para comprimir y descomprimir archivos para Mac OS X.

Soporta los siguientes formatos:

StuffIt archives - .sit, .sea, .sit.1
Zip archives - .zip
RAR archives - .rar, includes support for the archives created with WinRar 3.0 and later.
Tar archives - .tar, includes support for compressed tar archives .tgz, .tbz2, .tz, .taz
Compact Pro archives - .cpt
Lha archives - .lha, .lzh
Arj archives - .arj
Arc archives - .arc
Gzip compressed files - .gzip, .gz
Bzip2 compressed files - .bzip2, .bz2
Unix Compressed files - .z,
Binhex encoded files - .hqx
MacBinary Encoded files - .bin
UUencode encoded files - .uu, .uue
Base64 encoded files - .b64, .mme, .mime
yEncode encoded files - .yenc

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