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Supongo que alguno conocera vtc.com, bueno el queno, es uno de los sitios con mas tut. online que andan dando vuueltas.
De esta forma se puede bajar todo, todo gratis!!! (Si, hay en Español!)

No lo traducí porque me parece muy claro, si les queda alguna duda les explico mas tarde.


Some info on vtc.com

Over 300 Courses - Over 38,000 Instructional Movies
Master any software application in days - no expensive classroom training, no books to read, just high quality video training THAT PLAYS RIGHT ON YOUR OWN COMPUTER, at a price that you never thought possible.

Now for the tutorial.

1. First choose a tutorial series. I chose maya 6 fundamentals.
2. Click on a demo movie.
3. Now click properties and nab the url. For maya 6 fundamentals it looks like this.


4. Now for every movie change the last part "movie=0207" to match the chapt and movie number of the tutorial you want. Here 02 is the chapter and 07 the movie number. Now paste into browser and bingo video.

As soon as I figure out the directorys I will post how to download them. Till then you can probably just capture it with a streaming downloader. Or nab iit out of the browsers temp folder.

Edit: Just a quick note I forgot. Vtc detects false cookies. So you will have to delete cookies after every movie viewing. Not that big of a deal, but just letting you know.

Newly discover cookie problem
I just discvovered some movies give a error "You are not authorised to view this". My only guess is that most movies are set so they can be put as demo movies when the authors wants them that way. This is probably to keep the demo movies from allways being the same. So thats why you can download most of the movies, but some give a error.


1! Elijo my Tut preferido:

2ª Propiedades en el link:

3ª Armo mi link para descargar!!!!

Lean lo de la cookies, basicamente hay que borrarlas por cada download