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Si se te perdio el remoto, o estas al pedo, este soft te permite tner tu PDA como un remoto mas, para TV, VCR, DVD, etc....

TV remote controller 5.5 (voice operated)

TV remote controller is a Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 & Pocket PC 2003 application that uses your PDA as a universal remote control for TV, VCR, Cable, SAT, DVD and other equipment.

TV remote controller 5.5 runs only on devices with Strong ARM & Xscale processor (iPAQ, HP Jornada 56x, Toshiba e740...)

You can control 38 predefined devices + 30 learned devices + devices in CCF files.
Support for iPAQ 39xx, iPAQ 54xx & iPAQ 22xx build-in CIR module updated!
Timer function
Running on ARM & Xscale processor
Full screen (in CCF mode)
Converts your spoken words into infrared remote control signals using proven, accurate voice recognition technology
Can recognized up to 25 voice commands
Listening in the background! (you can use another application and control your TV,VCR......)
Basic skins: TV, VCR and Universal
Ability to work with CCF files (own skins, macros....)
Learn mode (you can learn up to 30 devices)
Best distance range for all devices
Multi-Languages (English, German, Italian, French, Japanese....)
No additional adjustment is necessary
use PDAs hardware buttons to control volume, program and on/off....
Fast access to equipment's


Program DOWNLOAD shareware :

Strong ARM & Xscale processor, Pocket PC & Pocket PC 2002 OS:
(iPAQ 3600, 3700, 3800, 3900, 54xx, 22xx, HP Jornada 56x series.....)

Note: iPAQ 19xx is not supported so far!
Note: XDA 2 is not supported so far!

Reg Key: KEY07413695


Revisa la HP para ver si es compatible con tu Pocket