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WebSite Watcher v4.03 (Monitorea a Taringa)

WebSite Watcher v4.03
Posted by Someone on 21.09.05 Windows Longhorn @ Down Cd`s

WebSite Watcher v4.03 info: WebSite-Watcher allows you to monitor your favorite websites for updates and changes with a minimum of time and online costs. Now you can monitor your competition without having to lift a finger!
When changes in a website are detected, WebSite-Watcher saves the last two versions to your hard disk and highlights all changes in the text.

[ Download 2.605 Mb ]

Download: http://www.aignes.com/download/wswsetup.exe
Mirror: http://search.warezcrawler.net/?q=WebSite Watcher v4.03&id=appzw&category=warez
Crack: http://0day.andr.net/appzworld/c05/0921/WebSite.Watcher.v4.03.Regged.READ.NFO-iNFECTED.ZIP

Password: www.appzworld.com

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