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Due to many serious situations, Vista Transformation Pack was caused to be improper release with some conflicts and incomplete. This time everything (in my eyes) has been corrected and pushed into the right way. No more adware bundled, transformation repairing feature, decent Aero Style VSes update and popular 3rd-party softwares included such as Glass2k and LClock. Moreover, I'll release Vista Transformation Pack in two versions. First version stands for full package transformation from firstly leaks until now and second ones stands for Vista light-weight transforming for users who want to experience only Vista.

The "Lite" version doesn't include previous stuffs from Longhorn Transformation Pack for the adventages of users who have dial-up connection and want to use only Vista stuffs. This can save up lots of time and bandwidthes to download from over 25 MB to less than 5 MB!

Full: http://files.tcmagazine.info/windowsx/shrine/vitrans/vitrans.zip
Lite: http://files.tcmagazine.info/windowsx/shrine/vitrans/vitrans_lite.zip