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Fabric Cable cords have become a charming and fashionable substitute for traditional cables. Over the past few years, they have gained recognition for their flexibility, safety, and visual appeal. Whether you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast or a connoisseur of interior design, fabric cords provide a chance to add sophistication and individuality to your surroundings. In this blog post, we will delve into the realm of discussing their benefits, creative uses, and everything else in the middle.

We offer a fantastic selection of lighting cables that come in options for either two or three conductors. Our creative and flexible lighting flex cables are specifically designed to be highly flexible and durable.

Types Of Cables

2 Core Round Cable

The 2 core Round Flexible Cable is a cable designed for light-duty purposes and is suitable for use in residential buildings. It is commonly referred to as braided lighting flex and is compatible with small, portable electrical devices. It is characterised by its core made of thin strands.

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Presented is a top-notch round cable, consisting of two cores, with an encompassing lap-screened pattern. The cable boasts tinned conductors, a screen, a filling of cotton, and a sturdy PVC sheath. Primarily designed to serve as a power supply with two cores, it showcases a high-quality braided fabric that is ideal for lighting purposes. The cable is further enhanced with a polyester fabric outer layer and is conveniently sold by the meter.

The Power of Usage

This specific cable is designed for connecting lighting cables with plastic lamp holders and light bulbs, removing the necessity for an earth connection. The 2-core electrical wire is made of braided cloth and contains only live and neutral wires. With its flexible properties, it has a circular form, an outer protective covering, and two cores insulated with PVC in different colors. It can be utilized for pendant lighting.

Single Phase Power cables

A two-core cable is used to link the fuse box to power sockets, allowing electricity to flow to appliances connected to the circuit.The active and neutral wires, which are both covered in insulation, allow electricity to flow into and out of the power socket, On the other hand, the earth conductor (ECC) is not insulated except for its outer covering, and it acts as a pathway for electrical current to disperse into the ground in the event of a malfunction.

If there is a secure path for the flexible wire without the possibility of harm, then an electric cable can be utilized to provide power to the plastic lamp holder. However, in this scenario, an isolator must be installed at the bottom of the lamp holder to guarantee sufficient insulation between the lamp base's metal components.


The use of 2 core round cables is a common and practical choice for various electrical and electronic applications. These cables offer a straightforward and efficient means of transmitting power and signals in a wide range of settings, from household wiring to industrial machinery.

The key advantages of 2 core round cables include their simplicity, flexibility, and ease of installation. They are designed to carry electrical current with reliability and safety. The two cores typically consist of a live wire and a neutral wire, making them suitable for single phase AC power distribution.

Furthermore, 2 core round cables are versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor installations, depending on their insulation and sheathing materials. They are often used in lighting systems, appliances, power tools, and various electronic devices.

However, it's crucial to select the appropriate type and size of 2 core round cable for specific applications to ensure safe and efficient operation. Proper selection, installation, and maintenance are vital to maximize their effectiveness and safety in various applications.

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Fabric Cables publicado en Economía y negocios