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H.Dubric:Importance and depth of the Fifth Managerial System


H. Dubric: Importance and depth of the Fifth Managerial System

Venezuelan Consultant Company surprises with his managerial issues. He has broken all the schemes that remained stagnant with his FIFTH TRAINING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

H. Dubric affirms: “It is necessary to learn how to manage business without infringing on ethical and moral values; it is essential to properly relate to money, without staining the principles that sustain the virtue “.

They already are counted by thousands who know the Fifth Managerial System created by
H. Dubric, but there are many people who do not know yet; and this is the reason why it is necessary to report and to clarify the following thing about the Fifth Managerial System and his creator.

H. Dubric, as is clear from reading his books, is not only a businessman, successful manager and great administrator but also is a "free thinker", a "new man", a "new government" and an ... extraordinary educator who brought to light his disquisitions on "the urgent need NACIMIENTO DE UN NUEVO EJECUTIVO (BIRTH OF A NEW EXECUTIVE) , a new person, different, which is managed by the free initiative, to make consistent and wise decisions, you might think with your brain and think with your heart, behind the fears; not to be influenced by free of frivolity, snobbery, bigotry, feel the centre of controversy at any meeting; he was far from being the protagonist of the ancestral table had always shown us and show us every day, untouchable characters, full of themselves, authentic conceptual jugglers, full of dogmas, always seeking to define the socio-economic future of a company or country ... ".(Words of H. Dubric in his book Nacimiento de un Nuevo Ejecutivo, capítulo I, Pensando en voz alta (Birth of a New Executive, chapter I, Thinking loudly).

H. Dubric has clearly stated that he is agree with the academic preparation and ongoing training, but we must not only worry about the intellectual centre, as this is part of the horizontal line represents life, but also to feed our internal part with the analysis on ourselves; who is what will prevail across the time. It seeks in your writings "to turn the men of company neither into saints, nor in anything that approaching it" he just explained that "no one can step to virtue without managing to kill or destroy some of your inner nature that precludes all coexistence.”

We have not seen or ever will see H. Dubric in presentations or public events, where he is the principal attraction, since the important issue is to announce his techniques and correct tools, which means, to disseminate the FIFTH SYSTEM of direction and managing of the free initiative, contained in his 9 books, it is fundamental. For any reason, what he has called the "curricular Mask" must be the most important, and it has been shown with the facts.

The encyclopedic compendium written by H. Dubric comprises 9 books entitled: “NACIMIENTO DE UN NUEVO EJECUTIVO”, "Birth of a new executive", “VIRTUD Y NEGOCIOS”, "Virtue and Business", “VISIÓN ESTRATÉGICA”, "Strategical Vision"; ÉTICA Y MORAL EJECUTIVA”, "ETHICS AND MORAL EXECUTIVE ", “EFECTO DOMINÓ ¿LIDERAZGO?”, "Domino Effect, Does it Leadership ? ", “CRISIS Y FUTURO”, The Crisis and The Future, “COMO VENCER LA CORRUPCIÓN Y LA INCERTIDUMBRE DEL FUTURO”, "How to beat the corruption and uncertainty of the future", “EL QUINTO SISTEMA Y LA GERENCIA EFECTIVA” "The Fifth System and Effective Management", and “EL QUINTO SISTEMA NUEVO ORDEN GERENCIAL”; "The fifth new managerial order system"; as a consequence, his proposes free initiate Management, which is the perfect formula for the awakening of consciousness that will give us the logic Intuitional needed to manage us in present and future times.

Neither we have seen we nor will see Civil Associations, Commercial enterprises or any group created by
H. Dubric (or supposed authorized by him) to request no type of donations, prebends or payments in his name or in order to organize "exclusive events" for the promotion, diffusion or sale of the books of H. Dubric, or of the Fifth Managerial System created by him; since this type of actions represent a sedition in opposition to the New Managerial Order.

The FIFTH MANAGERIAL SYSTEM has neither link nor relation with distorted "interpretations" which it could be made by some people and they could bring them to opposite conduct to right thinking, right feeling and right acting the "New Executive". It has no connection or link with current systems or any political postulates, nor any religion or religious organization; it is not A Self-help, is AN EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT which is reached by oneself, when social group in which you are involved is benefited, it could be called political, economic, business, education, religious, family, and so on.

The FIFTH system of direction and managing of the free initiative purposed by H. Dubric, has the centre of operations CONSCIOUSNESS of individuals, or in the whole of consciousness that are involved in a task-and the many adverse circumstances they are, at all will affect the sense of responsibility of the activity, and the team management..

H. Dubric argues that there are three important aspects to be successful in life:

1 - To deepen the eternal and universal principles.
2 - Need for an inner change, from the point of view of Annihilation of the Ego, and
3 - Respect for the free will.

This one is the base, where lies the Fifth system or managerial style of direction and managing of the Free Initiative which can be used, for any man and simple woman at heart. This extraordinary method, has the power of conceptual synthesis.

This FIFTH system of direction and managing feeds on living in the MOMENT, in every moment of our lives. In that eternal NOW is when psychological SELF-exploration works, capturing the feelings, reactions and thoughts produced by that ME or animal Ego.

And it is there, in that moment, we must plead in silence with deep veneration – - this way we are accompanied - to our DIVINE part, in order that it extracts them of us and ELIMINATES them. Only then AWARENESS is acquired and thus we will acquire appropriate attitudes towards good or bad circumstances present us in life, that is, how we learn to live.

H. Dubric with his books provides a NEW WAY OF THINKING and face the great challenges of business, generating a substantial internal change, able to get in practice, greater sagacity to provide solutions to critical situations and viewing choices more successful priorities.

THE FIFTH MANAGERIAL STYLE OR SYSTEM OF DIRECTION AND MANAGING, intended by him, working harmoniously with the law of equilibrium or balance of equilibrium, giving the Executive the tools to make effective decisions in a world full of pressures and complexities.

So your recommendation is that we do not flee ourselves, instead, let's face, since the problem is not the place where one is, call this family, work, neighbourhood, city, country, etc. not worth despair or suicide, or generate violence or family leave, etc., because that is not the solution and we have seen across the centuries, we have not changed but worsened (the facts so we show) ) the evilness has been polished enormously, confusing, a man confused with anyone and anyone with a man.

It is not through intellectual effort that we will manage to live differently, but in the simplicity of this moment or time Consciousness can act, is where the best decisions come, while it is being identified with yourself, with your profession, with your position with the company, family, product, etc. It will never be able to obtain the suitable material of the logic intuitional, which is needed, to stimulate any project.

We are confident that his (9) managerial works, leave a huge mark on the hearts of those who have managed to extract the essence of them.

There is no doubt that the FIFTH MANAGERIAL SYSTEM delivered by the Advisory Venezuelan companies, is the NEW ORDER that shakes the foundations of vocational training since 1974.

THE FIFTH MANAGERIAL SYSTEM, it is the NEW ORDER or NEW COMPASS of business and of all that exists, due to not only shows where we should go, but explains why, opening the AUTHENTIC STRATEGIC VISION.

For that reason, we have to say,
From Venezuela to the world, The Fifth New System Managerial Order.
A new way of thinking, the answer to all challenges.

Antonio Moreno
H. Dubric Press.

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