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Luego veamos esto es de un Blog de unos británicos que viajaron por Sudamérica.


Argentina is a very modern and safe country with all the amenities you’d expect at home. Less chaotic and exciting than countries like Peru and Ecuador, Argentina is best if you want to relax, go out at night, and see some incredible sights. And it’s all cheap! (relatively)
City Guides
Buenos Aires
El Calafate
El Chantel
Puerto Iguazu
The Girls
Argentine girls are the prettiest I’ve ever seen, but also the most difficult to get with. They can be friendly upon your first approach, but then things go south as you think you are getting closer. They disappear randomly, play games, always head turn for the kiss, announce they have a boyfriend two hours into conversation, and flake out during important steps of the seduction. If you are interested in learning more about them, start with a post I wrote called School Of Argentine Girls.

Brazil has everything except snow. While it is the most expensive country in South America, you are rewarded with better food, culture, girls, and scenery. Every man owes it to himself to spend a couple weeks in Rio hitting on Brazilian girls in clubs and on the beach.
City Guides
Foz do Iguacu
Rio de Janeiro
The Girls
It doesn’t get better than this. The girls are not as beautiful as the ones in Argentina but they are warmer, sexier, and most importantly, speak English in far greater numbers. They are also hornier, so one night stands are not uncommon between gringo and local. Sex it not guaranteed here but bring your favorite condoms anyway. The key is to make the effort and approach often; many girls will invite you to conversation with eye contact but will not do all the work for you. I’ve wrote extensively about Brazilian girls. Check out these four posts: Introduction To Brazilian Girls, Brazilian Girls, Brazilian, Argentine, & American Girls, and Brazilian Gym Culture.

Not much stands out in Chile, one of the more generic countries in South America. Get ready for some sticker shock if you are coming from other countries because it is more expensive here. While it is not as expensive as Brazil, expect to drop at least $60 a day here for things you can do in other South American countries for 20% less.
City Guides
San Pedro de Atacama
The Girls
Chilean girls are not very attractive: homely faces, pale brown skin color like Tiramasu ice cream, and extra pounds with gigantic hammy arms that make you long for Argentina. Even though the girls in Chile are on par with ones in Peru, they act like they are Argentine with their cold attitude and prudish nature. Don’t bother.

Bolivia is the poorest country in South America. I repeat, Bolivia is the POOREST country is South America. Sure everything is cheap but you will be paying with it in terms of comfort and health. During my two weeks in Bolivia I did not meet a single traveler whose stomach was unaffected by Bolivian cuisine, which will be something fried in recycled oil. Do not come here unless there is something specific you want to see, like the Potosi mine or the spectacular Salar de Uyuni.
City Guides
The Girls
Could this be the ugliest country in South America? I’m confident the answer is yes. The girls here have very round, chubby faces with prominent features and jet black hair. Their bodies can be best compared to a can of Coke. This look doesn’t do the Bolivian men so bad, who seem to have an Erik Estrada look going. Prettier girls exist in the east of the country like in the city of Santa Cruz. Don’t come here for the girls or nightlife.

Ecuador was made for the adventure traveler; the surfer, hiker, mountain climber / biker, the naturist and white water rafter. The comfortable tourist trail has been laid with very reasonable prices until you hit the Galapagos. You should take a visit if you want to do a lot of outdoor activities in a relatively compact area.
The Girls
Ecuadorian girls look very indigenous with straight black hair, high cheekbones, thin eyebrows, and small eyes. Their bodies were not blessed with curves, but every city, no matter how small, has at least a few natural beauties. Regardless, this is not a country you should be coming for the girls, as most of them look like pictures of Native Americans in your high school history textbook. In smaller cities, the white man is looked on with an extra dose of curiosity, and his gringo status will attract an occasional prostitute working pseudo-undercover.