Handbag is in the mood of the hand

Bag in people's work, life and learning is very important in one item, a lot of times it almost inseparable with people. It is because the bag has such an important role, so to some extent, they can convey certain information to the world and let the outside world through the bag to meet the owner of the bag. Like a briefcase

Choose bag is briefcase, this illustrates the bag from the aspects of a master of the nature of the work. They may be a general manager of the enterprises and institutions, if they are ordinary staff, is also in the more formal units. The National People's Congress to do more with more careful and cautious, the people are very severe. Of course, they tend to be more demanding on myself. Like the people square bag

Square or rectangle with small handbag, in some cases can be as an ornament. This handbag shape and size are relatively small, so is not particularly easy for you to use. He who loves this style bag, there is no more experienced what hardships. They are fragile, and setbacks to retreat and compromise. Like cabinet and delicate handbag

Although is very compact, but not practical, is not something handbag, in general, is more young, wet behind the also is not deep, more innocent girls the best choice. But if it's been such a age, into adulthood, still keen on such choice, then the man's attitude to life is very positive and optimistic, full of sweet looking forward to the future. With rich ethical amorous feelings of the handbag, the person you like

Prefer with rich ethnic customs, local characteristics, handbag, independent consciousness is stronger, is individualist. Their personality prominent, sometimes appear at odds with others, so their relationship is not ideal. Like oversized handbag

Like oversized handbag, the personality is more free and unfettered, they can easily establish a special relationship with others, also will be very easy to broken, this is decided by their personality, because of their attitude to life is too loose, lack of sense of responsibility.