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"The photo is made from the helicopter on May 3, 1986." (original caption) Is this the glowing column of ionized air that was reported, or smoke from the graphite fire

Excellent colour photo of Chernobyl, right after the explosions. I believe the circular vessel lid is visible in the centre of the debris

Colour photo of the exterior of the Chernobyl power plant shortly after the explosion, just outside the Russian town of Pripyat

Close-up view of the reactor #4 area shortly after the explosion at Chernobyl. This would have been a dangerous place to be... Taken from International Nuclear Safety.

Entire floor covered with once-molten fuel/metal mixture. #5 is an electronics cabinet, knocked over by the explosion and partially incorporated into the fuel lava.

In the "steam distributing corridor", pictures translated from russian: 1 - fuel lava (aka FCM), 2 - concrete, 3 - parosbrosnoy valve, 4 - capacitor.

Also under the reactor in the water pond, loosely translated from russian: 1 fuel lava, 2- parosbrosnye pipes with a diameter of 420 mm, 3 - concrete poured in 1986, 4 - a metal tube, limiting the flow of the fuel lava.

Also in/near the water pond beneath the reactor, loosely translated from russian: 1 - fuel lava, 2 - concrete poured in 1986, 3 - the parosbrosnye pipes with a diameter of 280 mm.

Underneath the reactor, loosely translated from russian:
1 - Fuel lava, 2 - poured concrete in 1986, 3 - the enclosure of passage to otm. 3.00 m, 4 - door into pom. 214/2, 5 - cable of koroba.(Of ris.ya.e.y.).

In a water pond beneath the reactor, loosely translated from russian: 1 - pumice-covered fuel lava, 2 - concrete added in 1986, 3 - parosbrosnye pipes, 4 - steam take-off tubes.

Colour photo of more fuel slag. TCM is a russian acronym meaning "Fuel Containing Mass (FCM)" in english.

Molten reactor fuel, aka "corium", represents a mixture of mostly uranium dioxide (fuel) and various metals incorporated from containment apparatus. Photo from the VULCANO facility in France.

Control room for reactor 4 as of May 2001. Copyright � 2003 Robert Polidori

Construction of the sarcophagus over reactor #4 at Chernobyl.

"Shelter object construction in difficult radiation hazardous conditions has been executed due to arduous, self-sacrificing work of hundreds thousand people, representatives of the different professions: designers, miners, builders, assemblers, scientists, soldiers, physicians, engineers..."

Reasonable diagram of what reactor #4 at Chernobyl probably looks like.

Russian diagram of the 4th-block Chernobyl reactor. There's concern the lid might collapse, spewing up radioactive contaminants. Taken from International Nuclear Safety.
la nube:


hay o hubo niños de chernobil tratándose en el garraham

lamentablemente lo primero que encontré en fotos de chernobil fue esto, tipos los peces de los simpson, y para que no digan que pongo muertos:

bueno, no salen, pero era una mujer con un culo y medio y otra con tetas en las rodillas, en el abdomen, y donde es normal en una mujer joven con buen busto