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Google Doodles de lo que va del 2011 (49)

Hola queridos Taringueros, les traigo todos los doodles de Google de lo que va del 2011, cada doodle esta especificado para que pais fue, y para que.
Gracias y espero que les guste

Alam Ara's 80th Anniversary - (India)

National Thai Elephant Day - (Thailand)

Chinese Arbor Day - (China)

Doodle 4 Google: Ireland Winner - (Ireland)

Women's Day - (Selected Countries)

Carnival - (Brazil)

Sendung mit der Maus 40th Anniversary - (Germany)

Will Eisner's 94th Birthday - (US, Selected Countries)

Ghana's Independence Day - (Ghana)

Girl's Day - (Japan)

Martisor (Spring Day) - (Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria)

St David's Day - (UK)

Li Bai's Birthday - (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)

148th Birthday of Joaquin Sorolla - (Spain, Selected Countries)

Dominican Republic Independence Day - (Dominican Republic)

100th Birthday of Taro Okamoto - (Japan)

Kuwait National Day - (Kuwait)

Estonian Independence Day - (Estonia)

Oslo 2011 Holmenkollen FIS Nordic World Ski Championships - (Norway)

Mihaly Munkacsy's Birthday - (Hungary)

Birthday of Constantin Brancusi - (Selected Countries)

Start of Cricket World Cup 2011 - (Selected Countries)

Lantern Festival - (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)

Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena's Birthday - (Selected Countries)

Miriam Ruth's Birthday. Illustrations inspired by Ora Eyal. Permission courtesy Poalim Publishing Group. - (Israel)

Ernest Shackleton's birthday - (UK)

Happy Valentine's Day from Google & Robert Indiana. Courtesy of the Morgan Art Foundation / ARS, NY - (Selected Countries)

Naomi Uemura's 70th Birthday - (Japan)

Thomas Edison's Birthday - (Global)

Jules Verne's 183rd Birthday - (Global)

Jan Werich's Birthday - (Czech Republic)

Family Day - (Israel)

Almeida Garrett's Birthday - (Portugal)

Lunar New Year's - (China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan)

Vitinho's 25th Anniversary - (Portugal)

Australia Day - (Australia)

Tom Jobim's Birthday - (Brazil)

Robert Burns Day - (UK)

Grandparents' Days - (Poland)

50th Anniversary of JFK's Inaugural - (US)

Birthday of Takayanagi Kenjiro - (Japan)

New Year of the Trees - (Israel)

Cezanne's 172nd Birthday - (Global)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Day - (US)

Festival of Kites - (India)

Coming of Age Day - (Japan)

Khalil Gibran's Birthday - (Selected Countries)

New Year's Day - (Global)

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