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Designer's own words:
Quick hide your porn!” 72 degrees* is a bedroom shelf for teenagers - designed to provide a place to store and hide pornographic magazines. The shelf has a secret compartment that can only be opened with the ring. 72 degrees is a monthly prize awarded by a leading pornographic magazine. It arrives at the family's home in an inconspicuous package - addressed to the lucky winner! * 72 degrees is the average angle of a healthy erection. The hidden compartment opens to this angle. Materials English white oak veneer on MDF Sterling silver ring and lock.

Designer's own words:
Soft ‘n Safe is a design which tends to describe the bedroom to be the most important teenager’s domain; a place however, which is mostly too small to introduce normal furniture into. So this design makes use of an existing object of every teenager’s bedroom and creates a new layer to it. The normal pillow is an object for multiple uses. Besides sleeping on, hanging out on or hugging it, it now becomes also a tool to hide your secrets in: saving them with your own body. Therefore Soft ‘n Safe will cover your secrets in any position: Lock your secrets and it is ready to be used!

Designer's own words:
What about the place of furniture in teenager life ? Do they care ? Give a chair to him, he will sit on the floor. Adolescent essence is of rebellion. Rebellion against education, rebellion against school, against parents, against authority in general. Yet, adult and teenager life are indissociable. As soon as the teenager claims for freedom, adult moral rule affix her « parental advisory » on the consumer products which have any « explicit content ». The function of this stamp ? Negociate compromises between them. This project is a kind of compromise, an ironic solution to make teenagers and adults live together.

Designer's own words:
”mani - something to lean on” is a product for teenagers, based on the concept of “leaning on a friend”- both physically and emotionally. Mani is a mattress combined with a chair, which can change into a few leaning positions: back, legs, arms and neck. It can be a chair to sit on or a mattress to lay on. One can do homework, play video games, listen to I-pod, or just have a chat with a friend. Mani can adjust itself to any chosen position and can be placed wherever one wants, on the bed, on the floor, in the living room or in bedroom. Technology: mani is made of 2 soft plastic moulds, between which are implanted 6 joints. Each joint can move or be locked separately by using light pressure. Design: mani is a 3d pictogram (with light design changes). Colors for choice - black or red, for a “cool” look. Its surface is soft and velvety and its presence improves the living space design. It has a simple, aesthetic and minimalist design, which nonetheless makes any teenager feel warm and cozy.

designer's own words:

Designer's own words:
Often home can be too much. Sometimes, we need to get away. Unnoticed. To experience the things in life our elders don’t tell us about. The fun things. Teddy Understands.

Designer's own words:
this clean geometric chair is more than appears at first glance. you can personalize it by displaying your favorite t-shirt.

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