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Las fotos del año 2006 por la BBC

Aclaro que la info de las fotos estan en ingles

President George W Bush’s standing at home and abroad was diminished this year following poor results in the US mid-term elections.

Three young girls gather firewood near a camp for internally displaced persons in the Darfur region of Sudan where the conflict, which began in 2003, continues unabated with more than 2m people now having fled their homes.

Residents of Beirut drive through the devastated southern suburbs of the city following five weeks of heavy fighting between Hezbollah and Israel in the south of Lebanon. The crisis began with the capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah.

North Korean soldiers stand guard in front of the table that acts as the border between North and South Korea. North Korea alarmed the world by testing a nuclear weapon, prompting the UN to impose financial and arms sanctions.

This car bomb which killed at least four people in Baghdad's Karada neighbourhood is just one of many in a year that has seen growing violence and sectarian bombings in Iraq and a spreading fear that all-out civil war is now close.

At the Film Academy’s Oscar award ceremony in Hollywood, Reese Witherspoon won the best actress award for her portrayal of June Carter in the Johnny Cash biopic Walk The Line.

The deadly H5N1 bird flu virus made its way to Europe this year sparking fears of a new pandemic. Although more than 200 people have contracted the virus, experts point out that cross-infection to humans is still relatively rare.

A Maasai man passes the carcass of a zebra in Kenya, where thousands of animals have died due to starvation or thirst. The area is part of a vast region in east Africa, encompassing some of the continent's poorest and most arid zones.

In California fire fighters fought to contain a series of fires that devastated more than 40,000 acres, including an area where Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and others filmed classic Hollywood Westerns.

An unexploded grenade lies next to the body of a suspected militant during a shootout in Srinagar in the Indian administered Kashmir region. Kashmir has been a flashpoint between India and Pakistan for more than 50 years.

Victims of a landmine explosion are buried in Sri Lanka as the conflict deepens between the armed forces of the predominantly Sinhalese government and Tamil Tiger rebels, who want an independent homeland in the north and east.

Italy won this year’s football World Cup, but the competition will be remembered for the "chest butt" by France's Zinedine Zidane during the final which saw him sent off in his last professional game.

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