Los autos de Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)

Ayer taba vendo Rides en Discvery Channel y pasaron los autos el barbudo este... Uno de los barbudos de ZZ Top, y taban muy copados! Así q acá tan...

Los autos de Billy Gibbons....

Billy Gibbons: "As Lightning Hopkins said, 'The rubber on a wheel is faster than the rubber on a heel'."

El CadZZilla

CadZZilla: "A vision of elegance, something with length, something with gracefulness, to go hand-in-hand with the success of the Eliminator Coupe."

Billy F Gibbons with the Mambo Coupe: "We found a box of Australian Mambo surf shirts in the boot... so Mambo it was."

The Mambo Coupe: "A chopped '36 found in a shop, nearly ready for the road... in Boise Idaho! There it stood, black, shiny and whacked to the max."

Leapin' Limo:: "A stretched '48 Pontiac Silver Streak… this rusting hulk was discovered at a Texas ranch."

'32 Highboy Roadster: "The most elegant addition to this collection is the coup de grace, a real-steel '32 Ford roadster."

'32 Highboy Roadster: "Powered with a rare French-built V-8 flathead, hopped up and outfitted with some dredged-up 40s pawn-shop, back-alley, swap-meet speed stuff, it's a real show-stopper."

Cadillac '61: "The rad-bad '61 Cad... elegant bubbletop Coupe de Ville from GM... layin' low with no particular place to go."

Cadillac '61: "The only modification necessary was the lowering treatment. This car can lay frame and sit, huggin' the ground with Space Age thinness and clean looks. Its daggerish, dangerous and an example of what dependability is all about."

Eliminator Coupe: "Around 1976... we chased down a primo'33 three-window and set about starting what we wanted... just a hot rod."

Eliminator Coupe: "After five long years of real, hands-on hard work… the Eliminator Coupe was seeing light at the end of a long tunnel. It was Hot Rod."

Eliminator Coupe: "After the wait, the curtain lifted for the unveiling of the lil' red coupe, which ultimately graced the cover of ZZ Top's Eliminator album. Coast to coast, border to border, the Eliminator Coupe was everywhere, burnin' rubber into this new world called MTV."

Espero q les gusten!