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Mega track

Es una coupe pará...... es una 4x4 2 puertas ........ no pará una auto especialemente diseñado para rally ....... no.... es un auto con ruedas de camion........ no .... ehh nose... :shock:

The Mega Track was introduced in 1992, and the last of five cars built left the plant in '95. The 2+2 coupe body is relatively unremarkable for supercars of the mid-nineties. It's everything else that's special. For one, it sits higher than any other car - the road clearance in "slammed mode" is a very decent eight inches, more than that of your regular econobox. In offroad mode it lifts up, and can clear obstacles up to 13 inches high. The power of the Mercedes-sourced 6.0 V12 (same engine as in the original GEO, the Brabus E V12) is directed to every wheel via a viscous coupling - all 394 horses of it. That's enough for the specially designed Michelin rubber to spin so fast that the car covers 155 miles in an hour at terminal velocity, courtesy of an electronic limiter. What other SUV can reach 155mph? What about reach 155mph and look this cool doing it?