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This is the ONLY page on the internet dedicated to Gay Robots. It is clear that the issue of homosexuality is now getting more exposure on Television and in Cinema. However, few realize that it was the robots of Sci-Fi and Animation that opened the door for Ellen DeGeneres, Tinky-Winky, Backstreet Boys, etc. Regardless of your view of homosexuality, there comes a time to pay tribute to the pioneers who had the guts to come out before it was considered trendy. Now is that time. . . . .


C3PO - The gayest robot of them all, C3PO appeared in all three parts of the Star Wars trilogy. He and his little "partner", R2D2 spent many scenes crossing each others circuits. A true drama queen, C3PO always threw a hissy fit at the first sign of trouble. And when it was time for battle, Star Wars' resident robo-queer always cowered and watched Luke and Han whip out their Light Sabres. Although he was completely useless, C3PO taught other robots that it's OK to be gay. He served as an inspiration for many other robots on this page. C3PO also appeared in the Star Wars prequel: THE PHANTOM MENACE.

HAL 9000 - Although he was a computer and not an actual robot, HAL 9000 was the first gay artificial life form to appear in a movie. In Stanley Kubrick's epic "2001: A Space Odyssey," HAL was a supercomputer that was given human-like personality. HAL (One letter off of IBM) set off on a multi-year mission to Jupiter. With only a couple of strapping young men for companionship (The rest of the crew was in stasis), it was clear into which direction he wanted to insert his Hard Drive. When the astronauts tried to deactivate him, a scorned HAL launched one of them into space and locked the other one out of the ship. He then killed the crew members that were in stasis. However, much to HAL's chagrin, his attempts at vengeance backfired. After futily trying to sweet-talk the mission commander from deactivating him, HAL was terminated. Recent movie polls indicate that HAL 9000 was one of the greatest villains in modern cinema.

Mr. Roboto - Although he wasn't an actual character, "Mr. Roboto" was a song performed by the gay 1970's band "Styx."

Rosie - While Ellen DeGeneres garnered all the noteriety and accalades for coming out of the closet, it was Rosie the Robot that was the first lesbian to appear on a major television show. Known for her wide frame and clever remarks, Rosie was the maid for the Jetsons. Fans of the show will be the first ones to tell you that she was a huge role-model for husky talk-show host Rosie O'Donnell. Sadly, the voice behind Rosie, Jean VanderPyl, passed away in 1999.

Twiki - He was Buck Rogers' 25th Century sidekick, yet he never even copped a feel on Erin Gray. Still, Twiki (or "Twinkie" was in many ways an antithesis of C3PO; he walked tough, talked tough, and "ass"isted Buck (played by the dashing Gil Gerard) in many episodes. Although he wasn't as affluent as C3PO, Twiki was renowned for his trademark deep audio output: "BiTiBiTiBiTi." When he wasn't screwing around with Buck, Twiki enjoyed strutting around the corridors with a huge computer medallion around his neck. The voice behind Twiki for many episodes was the "man of 1000 voices", the late Mel Blanc.

Tracks - A full decade before there was "Tinky-Winky," there was Tracks. An egotistical narcissist, Tracks was a member of the Transformers -- robots which had their own animated series and action figures in the 1980's. It would have been easy to typecast him as a villain (especially considering it was during the Reagan years). But Tracks was a member of the heroic Autobots, who fought the evil Decepticons. Tracks was a robot that could transform into a sleek Corvette; he preferred his stylish automotive form over his menacing robotic form. Tracks liked to spend his spare time sulking and hanging around dance clubs.

Data - Starfleet's first official Android, Lt. Comdr. Data has been a valuable part of the Capt. Picard's crew aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. "Gay-ta" and his high-profile are no surprise, since Star Trek has always been a leader in expanding society's tolerance of issues previously considered taboo. (Women's rights, Interracial romance, etc.) Although his first intimate experience was with a woman (Lt. Tasha Yar), Data has always exhibited curiosity toward many human customs. His first experience with emotion occurred after he choked a strong male enemy (Borg) to death. Data admitted feeling pleasure, indicating a fondness for S&M activities. Other homosexual characteristics include: neatness, good grammer, shiny hair, and an unwillingness to use violence unless necessary.

"Lost in Space" Robot - Few Sci-Fi fans could forget the roller-coaster relationship between the hulking "Lost in Space" robot and the extravagant-yet-cowardly Dr. Smith. This robot was a true pioneer, defying many gay robot stereotypes. To this day, he is the only gay character in history without a personality. And while many other gay robots would've went after the handsome pilot (or even the ship's blender), this macho-machine preferred a more submissive partner. Make no mistake, it was clear that Dr. Smith was the "bitch" in the relationship. Fans of the show can remember him moaning, "Oh, the pain!!!"

Brainiac - Donning only a red polo shirt, knee high socks, and a pair of Fruit of the Looms, Brainiac ran around hell-bent on destroying the Superfriends and ruling the world. As the original paranoid android, Brainiac was a key, yet unheralded member of the Legion of Doom; attention tended to focus on more flamboyantly gay villians such as Toyman and the Riddler. It should be noted that although he was bald like Lex Luthor, Brainiac possessed a much better tan. Recent rumors of a love-triangle between Brainiac, Batman and Robin have been denied by all parties. Brainiac currently serves as Mike Piazza's house-sitter.

KITT - Before David Hasselhoff was getting wet with Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra in the 1990's, he spent much of the 1980's inside of KITT. As the star of "Knight Rider", KITT replaced the "Dukes of Hazzard"'s General Lee as the most popular vehicle in prime-time television. Although Hasselhoff may have swung AC/DC, there was no question about his partner's connectivity preference. KITT dreaded the lubejob offers he received from the beautiful Bonnie Barstowe, instead preferring Hasselhoff's adept handling of his stick shift. The voice behind KITT, William Daniels, was previously best known as being Howie Mandel's sidekick in "St. Elsewhere." Today, KITT resides in Key West, along with his longtime companion, the pink helicopter from "Riptide."