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I don't know about Linux... but I like the penguin.


baby on display

Is that a 30 inch flatscreen?!

Tux is my buddy

Full ThinkGeek Wardrobe

I wonder if it can run Linux...

learning about bipedal motion

Hey! XP does look better upside-down.

tux cutie

just woke up...

Is that tux on my shirt? I can't see!

relaxing with Tux

android baby

And you thought Tux was cute...

too many penguins

happy mini geek

tux is way cooler than barney

linux cluster

I'm going to grow up and be just like Tux!

good fashion sense

everybody say, Awwwwwww

Geek since Day 1

already coding

lil hacker

Our new CEO is a bit inexperienced...

My Mom is a geek too

who's this geek holding me?

What's with the trackpad?? someone get me a mouse!

cute geek spawn

New car seat

9 hour old newbie

This tupperware is delicious!

I need bawls... now!

newbie newbie

gack! divide by zero error!

one day I'll have root!

big smile

contemplative newbie

where's my computer?

Too tired to reach the controller...

next time I'm dressing myself!

I'm being sued by SCO?! Tux HELP!

Hey! This keyboard doesn't light up like the EluminX.

someone please change my diaper


but i dun wanna code!

hackin' early


Newborn Newbie

I wanna monitor THIS big

Geek Family

Mesmerized by Perl

my dad is an outdated model

v2.0 has several bug fixes included

another proud geek daddy

Help! I need a genetic upgrade!

Isn't genetics amazing?

Ha! I'm the latest rev!

We upgraded the gender for v2.0...

v2.0 is a huge upgrade...

compact new revision

hangin' with Tivo!

Help! My dad is a geek

Otsumu ten-ten!

parity error

twin h4x0rs

Feed me now!

I will use my superior brain to take over the world!

input pacifier, output sleep

If only I could get a processor upgrade for this bananna...

somebody let me out?

I/O Error

Geeked Family

input error

someone stole my DNA

Hey it's MY turn to recompile the kernel!

I'm in training...

hard day at the office

mmm... tastes just as good as low-carb Doritos...

geek buddies

now where was that crimper?

surfer geek

bright geek future

What does ctrl-alt-delete do?

my shirt was hungry...

I'll be your boss in 25 years