Te gusta Tolkien y las películas? tenes plata....

Bueno les dejo una colección de productos basados en las películas del Señor de los Anillos, para que los interese los precios están en dólar abajo les dejo la pagina que yo encontre esto…. Hehehe ya estoy vendiendo el auto e hipotecando la casa. ehhehehehe yo quiero todaaaaasssss.... heheh

The King Anduril™ Sword $395,00
A reproduction of the re-forged sword with Elven runes engraved into the blade. Limited numbered edition of only 3500. Crafted in Toledo, Spain.

The Arwen™ Evenstar™ Earrings $95,00
Crafted in sterling silver, measure 1 1/2 inches in length.

The Gimli™ Axe $129,00
Gimli, the Dwarf, of the Fellowship of the Ring, carries a unique and remarkable double-headed axe that we have recreated in exquisite detail. It is made of wood, leather, and metal and comes with a wall mount for easy display. Measures approximately 34 inches in length.

The One Ring 18K $695,00
Displayed in a rich wood treasure box. The One Ring is available in solid 18 Karat gold. It is individually engraved with a laser process to capture the intricate details of the elvish writing.

Sting™, The Sword of Frodo $295,00
Made with the highest quality standards, this official reproduction of Sting, the sword of Frodo, is available only from The Noble Collection. It is a full sized sword that measures over 27 inches in length and is made to the standards that are only found in the most sought after European collectibles. Crafted by master sword makers in Toledo, Spain,

The Narsil™ Sword $295,00
The legendary sword of Middle-earth that was broken in battle is now recreated in its original form by renowned swordsmiths of Toledo, Spain and comes complete with a beautiful display plaque. Measures 53 inches.

The Elven Brooch $65,00
An exact reproduction of the leaf brooch worn by the members of the Fellowship of the Ring from the movie trilogy The Lord of the Rings™ is now available in finely handcrafted solid sterling silver and rich green enameling. This inspiring and beautiful piece symbolizes the spirit and bond of those entrusted to save Middle-Earth

Glamdring™ ,The Sword of Gandalf $295,00
The legendary sword of Gandalf, forged to the highest standards by the master swordmakers of Toledo, Spain. The sword guard is set with genuine lapis and the handle is wrapped in leather. The sword comes complete with a stunning mirror backed display plaque. Sword measures 47 inches in length

The Sword of King Theoden $295,00
The sword of the King of Rohan is recreated in stunning detail in this Collector's Edition by the master sword makers of Toledo, Spain. The hilt is bronze finished and the handle made of solid wood. Comes complete with display plaque. Measures approximately 37 inches in length

Arwen™ Evenstar™ Pendant $95,00
Arwen the Elven Princess, known also to her people as Evenstar because of her unparalleled beauty, is destined to leave Middle-Earth and sail to the Undying Lands of the West. While this fate looms before her, she falls in love with Aragorn, a mortal man, and is then faced with the heart-wrenching choice to leave Middle-Earth with her people or forego her immortality for the man she loves. Capture the brilliance of the Evenstar's enduring beauty. Based on the actual pendant worn in the Lord of the Rings™ film, this piece is crafted in sterling silver. Measures 2 1/2 inches in length and comes complete with chain.

The Aragorn™ Ring $129,00
Known as the Ring of Barahir, it is worn by Aragorn in the film trilogy The Lord of the Rings™. Sterling silver, accented in gold and set with a green crystal. Comes complete with a rich wooden collector's box.

The Gandalf™ Ring $295,00
The ring of Gandalf™ is crafted in solid 10 karat gold and set with a faceted crystal. Comes complete with a rich wooden collector's box and a certificate of authenticity. Size 6-14

The Galadriel™ Ring $129,00
Galadriel, the Queen of the Elves, wears a beautiful ring known as Nenya in the Fellowship of the Ring. Also referred to as the Ring of Water, Nenya is reproduced in stunning detail out of solid sterling silver and set with a fine European crystal beneath the laced silver atop the ring. Reproduced with extraordinary workmanship, it comes complete with a rich wooden collector's box. Specify size.

Denethor™ Ring $95,00

The Ring of Elrond 10K Gold $295,00
Known also as Vilya, the ring of Air. Crafted in 10 karat gold and set with a genuine sapphire. Comes complete with a rich wooden collector's box.

Eowyn™ Necklace and Earrings Set $395,00
The Eowyn™ necklace and earrings are available as a set. Intricately crafted in 14 karat gold and set with fine European crystal cabochons. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The Brooch of Gandalf $129,00
An exact reproduction of the brooch worn by Gandalf™ the White. Intricately detailed and crafted in sterling silver

The Saruman™ Brooch $75,00
The symbol of the wizard Saruman is crafted of sterling silver and set with genuine emeralds. This beautiful creation measures 2 1/2 inches in length.

MIDDLE-EARTH™ Treasure Chest $199,00
A beautiful jewelry chest inspired by all the beautiful designs of Middle-Earth to store and keep your most precious articles. Hardwood cabinet is set with many fine metal detailings. Measures approximately 13 inches in height. Jewelry not included

Collector's Chess Set $495,00
Every detail is authentic, richly realistic and true to the Academy Award winning epic film. The board is a magnificent work of art, detailing the story of Frodo, the reluctant hero of The Shire, and the friends and foes he encounters throughout his amazing journey. An ancient map of Middle-earth is mounted below the playing surface, and the base features actual images of the memorable characters and scenes from the thrilling New Line Cinema motion picture. The 32 playing pieces are precise miniature sculptures in fine pewter of the actual cast members and each likeness is so realistic-they were personally approved by the individual actor. Board measures 15" by 15"

Quest for the Ring $97,50
The Ringwraiths, or Black Riders are the nine Servants of Sauron. Once Kings of Men, the Ringwraiths ride through Middle-Earth on an unending search to find the One Ring and reunite it with the Dark Lord, Sauron. Measuring approximately 7 inches in height, this piece is a must for collectors and new fans of the Lord of the Rings™ film trilogy. Ring suspended in the center of sphere.

The Age of The Dark Lord $75,00
The sinister armour helmet of the Dark Lord Sauron is recreated in stunning detail. The helmet holds a sphere with the One Ring suspended in its center. Crafted in pewter finished cold cast porcelain. Measures 9 inches in height.

My Preciousss $97,50
The one ring is suspended in the center of the sphere that rests in front of Gollum. Tempting and close, yet unattainable. Crafted in cold cast porcelain and fine pewter. Measures approximately 7 inches in height.

The King Elessar™ Crown $195,00
The coronation crown of Elessar™ is recreated in striking accuracy in this must have collectible for the Lord of the Rings™ fan. Die-cast, to ensure capturing every detail, then plated in sterling silver and 24K gold. Comes complete with display plinth and clear cover. Edition is limited to 9500 worldwide

The Phial of Galadriel $75,00
Stunning replica. 7 inches in height. Display stand included

The Pipe of Aragorn $49,00
Measures approximately 8 inches in length. Collectible non-functional pipe replica made of wood. Display box included

The Pipe of Bilbo $49,00
Measures approximately 9 inches in length. Collectible non-functional pipe replica made of wood. Display box included

The Pipe of Gandalf $49,00
Measures approximately 9 inches in length. Collectible non-functional pipe replica made of wood. Display box included.

The Fury of the Witch-King Incense Burner $89,00
An exquisite sculpture of the Witch King riding a Fell Beast from the Lord of the Rings movie Trilogy. The dramatic sculpture wraps around a glass Eye of Sauron, which masks the incense burner behind it. Measures 8 inches in height

Middle-earth™ Goblet Collection $195,00
A set of six goblets decorated with artwork from the cultures of Middle-earth. Each goblet is crafted in fine pewter and glass. Each glass is etched with Elvish script.The goblets measure 7 inches in height.

The Middle-earth™ Backgammon $495,00
A breathtaking creation that honors the epic motion picture trilogy. Intricately detailed and masterfully designed. The lands and scenery of Middle-earth are displayed in sweeping sculptural relief around an exquisite backgammon playing board. A truly amazing display. Measures 36 x 24 inche

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