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23 Living decors for home decoration

Get a list of 26 awesome living decors for your home. Planing to do indoor decoration and small gardening at same time Here u get a collection of living decor DIYs to implement at home.

Let me know which one you like the most.?

1. Drift Wood Decor

2. Desk top Zen Garden

3. Tiny Succulent decor

4. Indoor Water Garden

5. Indoor Herb Garden

6. Succulent Terrarium

7. Moss and Stone Garden

8. Lucky Bamboo Garden

9. Force bulb indoor

10. Living Wall Garden

11. Kokedama Moss Ball Garden

12. Cut Bottle Herb Garden

13. Orchid Display decor

14. Indoor Grass garden

15. Orchid Terrarium

16. Moss wall decor

17. Wall Planters

18 Indoor Bamboo garden[

19. Succulent wall decor

20. Moss Terrarium

21. Wall Planter

22. Indoor zen garden

23. Air Plant display decor 

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