Aprender lo básico de Ingles

Object Pronouns:
He: Him
She: Her <---- Also is possessive adjective
It: It
We: Us
They: Them
I: Me
You: You

Present Progressive:
Important Words..
At this moment
Right now

Consonant + Vowel + Consonant: R(u)n, Sh(o)p
Duplicate the last Consonant: Ru(nn)ing or sho(pp)ing
Exceptions: X, Y, W and Z.. (TryING or SayING)
Ends in E: Dance ----> Dancing.. There isn't more E.

Some negatives:
Does = Doesn't, In spanish: "No lo hace" <---- Present
Did = Didn't, In spanish: "No lo hizo"
Was = Wasn't, In spanish: "No fue"
Were = Weren't, In spanish: "No eran"
Had = Hadn't, In spanish: "No habia"
Will = Won't, In spanish: "No lo hare"
Would = Wouldn't, In spanish: "No lo haria"