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Asi nos sintio Dark Tranquillity

Al entrar a la pagina oficial de esta banda, me encontre con un comentario de ellos sobre lo que paso el pasado 20 de junio en el Teatro de Flores. Quedaron alusinados con los canticos nuestros, creo que se los merecian.

Back on Swedish soil - June 24, 2008

Home again after the longest touring stint of our career! Without being too long-winded, let us express our gratitude to towards everyone that participated on the trip; the other bands, the crew, the promotors and of course all you people coming to the shows.

The 3rd leg of the tour, in South/Latin America, was as amazing as expected. Mexico and Colombia are amoung or fave places in earth, and getting to play in Chile and Argentina for the first time was fantastic. Rounding off by returning to Istanbul for the first time in 7 years was also an experience to remember. Our 2001 gig there was a bit crippled due to the fact that we had to bring a session drummer in on short notice, so it's great that we finally could deliver a full set to the ever passionate Turkish fans.

So - to conclude, we had a blast. Special you-should-have-been-there moment: The show in Argentina, where the audience stole the show by singing to us inbetween songs. This is how you give a band goosebumps:

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=iCOLuvpwSAo

Pd.: Yo tambien alusine con ellos, ademas Mikael me toco la mano y eso no me lo olvido mas, y lo voy a repetir las veces que se me cante jejejeje.

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