Microsoft patenta PgUp-PgDn

Microsoft patenta PgUp-PgDn

Microsoft acuda en nuestra ayuda. Aunque llevamos años con dos teclas en los ordenadores (PgUp y PgDn, o sea Page Down y Page Up, que en neustros teclados se corrsponden con RePag y AvPág) que sirven para avanzar o retroceder páginas en la lectura de un documento, ahora Microsoft lo convierte en oficial y propietario.

Según la patente de Estados Unidos número 7,415,666, fechada el 19 de agosto de 2008:

A method and system in a document viewer for scrolling a substantially exact increment in a document, such as one page, regardless of whether the zoom is such that some, all or one page is currently being viewed. In one implementation, pressing a Page Down or Page Up keyboard key/button allows a user to begin at any starting vertical location within a page, and navigate to that same location on the next or previous page. For example, if a user is viewing a page starting in a viewing area from the middle of that page and ending at the bottom, a Page Down command will cause the next page to be shown in the viewing area starting at the middle of the next page and ending at the bottom of the next page. Similar behavior occurs when there is more than one column of pages being displayed in a row

¿Tendremos que pagar a Microsoft derechos de autor cada vez que citemos la tecla RePag?