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Te Apuesto +10 a Que No sabias Q estos Superheroes Son Gays

Cara Delevingne (Bisexual) - Enchantress

Victor Garber (Gay) - Firestorm

Ian McKellen (Gay) - Magneto

Colton Haynes (Gay) - Arsenal/Red Arrow

Anna Paquin (Bisexual) - Rogue

Wentworth Miller (Gay) - Captain Cold

Jared Leto (Bisexual) - The Joker

Andy Mientus (Bisexual) - the Pied Piper

Ezra Miller ('Queer') - The Flash

John Barrowman (Gay) - Malcolm Merlyn

Ellen Paige (Gay) - Kitty Pryde

Bryan Singer (Bisexual) - X-Men Director

Greg Berlanti (Gay) - Arrow, Green Lantern, The Flash & Supergirl Producer

Robin Lord Taylor (Gay)- The Penguin

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