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the beatles---data de toda la gente relacionada con ellos--

para q no busques mas un nombre
todos los personajes q tuvieron q ver en la historia de the beatles
esta en ingles y por orden alfabetico

Abbott,Pete Recording engineer for The Beatles 1965 Hollywood Bowl Concert
Adler,Bill Editor of fans letter which appear in books "Dear Beatles" and "Love Letters to The Beatles"

Performer on the bill of The Beatles' 1965 British Tour.
Aldridge,Alan Editor and illustrator of the books "The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics" Vol. I & II.He also complete the design for The Beatles' Apple record label.
Alexander,David Photographer who took the cover of "Ringo's Rotogravure"
Allen,Dave Performer on the same bill as The Beatles during the tour with Helen Shapiro.
Allison,Keith American musician and 1960's Paul lookalike.
Andersen,Olivind Norwegian radio commentator who appears on the opening cut of "Back To The Egg" album.
Andrews,Nancy American model who Ringo dated.
Angelus,Paul Actor who dubbed in Ringo's voice in the "Yellow Submarine" movie.
Anthony,Les John's personal chauffeur in the mid-sixties.
Ascher,Kenny Piano player appearing on John's "Mind Games" and "Walls and Bridges".
Asher,Jane British actress best known as Paul's former fiancèe.
Asher,Peter Former member of the Peter and Gordon duo and close friend of Paul in the 60's.
Aspinall,Neil Beatles' head road manager.
Astaire,Fred Dancer who made a cameo appearance in John's "Imagine" film.
Bach,Barbara Actress and Ringo's wife.
Bain,Bob Performer on the bill with The Beatles during their 1964 British Fall Tour.
Balasco,Ralph Attorney who handled John and Yoko's custody case for Yoko's daughter.

Art director and partner of Derek Taylor in Apple.
Barron,Bill Captain of the chinese junk that Paul & John rented to held a business meeting on the boat as it sailed around Manhattan.

Barrow,Tony Senior press officier for The Beatles.
Baruch,Klaus German hairdresser who was responsible for cutting John's hair for his role in the film "How I Won the War".
Bassanini,Roberto Cynthia Lennon ex-husband.They married in 1970 and divorced 3 years later.
Battan,Peter Actor who dubbed the voice for George in the "Yellow Submarine" movie
Behm,Marc Coauthor of the story and screenplay for The Beatles' second movie "Help".
Bendry,Peter John's personal assistant during the early 70's.
Bennett,Peter Promotion chief who worked for The Beatles' advisor Allen Klein.
Benson,Ray Film editor for "Magical Mystery Tour"
Beresford,Elizabeth Sixteen years old fan who was invited by Paul into his house for a chat and a cup of tea in 1967.
Bernstein,Sid New York concert promoter who booked The Beatles for their first concert in the USA:
Berry,Chuck American rock'n rollinnovator who was a strong influence on The Beatles.
Berry,Mike Performer on the bill with The Beatles during their 1963 tours of Britain and Sweden.
Best,Peter Original drummer for The Beatles.
Bicknell,Alf The Beatles official chauffeur in the mid-sixties.
Black,Cilla Singer and close friend of The Beatles.
Blair,Lionel Dancer in the movie "A Hard Day's Night".
Blake,Peter Codesigner (with Jan Haworth) of the album cover for "SGT Pepper"
Blessing,Adam Editor of the 1964 book "Out of the Mouth of The Beatles"
Bluthnell,John Actor who played in the movie "Help"
Boreham,D.A.. Registrar who married Ringo and Maureen.

Boyd,Patricia Ann Maiden name of George's ex wife.
Brambell,Wilfred Actor who played the part of Paul's grandfather in "A Hard Day's Night".
Bramwell,Tony Ex-head of Apple's production department.
Bratley,John Artist who painted three portraits of Paul in 1967.Each one was priced £ 350.
Braun,Michael Author of the book "Love Me Do"
Brautigan,Richard Author/poet who was signed to Zapple.
Bravo,Lizzie Teenage fan who was invited to sing in a Beatles records in 1969.
Bresner,Bernard Police bodyguard who was assigned to protect The Beatles in Miami in 1964.
Bridges,Digby Architect who designed the dome which stands in the garden of Paul's London home.
Bron,Eleanor Actress who played the part of Ahme in The Beatles' movie "Help
Brooks,Elkie Singer on the bill with The Beatles at their 1964 Christmas Show.
Brower,John Canadian promoter who handled John and Yoko's dealing in Canada in 1969.He organized the Toronto Rock and Roll Revival Concert.
Brown,Ken One-time guitarist with The Quarrymen in 1959.
Brown,Peter Personal assistant to The Beatles after the death of Brian Epstein in 1967.
Brown,Tara Late heir to the Guinness fortune and close friend of the Beatles.
Bryce,Leslie Photographer for "The Beatles Book Monthly" magazine.
Burke,John Author of the book "A Hard Day's Night".
Burt,Robert Coauthor of the book " The Beatles:The Fabulous Story of John,Paul,George and Ringo".
Caleb Astrologer employed by Apple to chart horoscopes for The Beatles and make I Ching predictions.
Cargill,Patrick British actor who played the role of the inspector in the movie "Help".
Carlinsky,Dan Coauthor of the book "The Complete Beatles Quiz Book"
Carr,Rory Coauthor of the book " The Beatles Illustrated Record".
Carson,Jan Stripper in the film "Magical Mystery Tour".
Casey,Howie Liverpool musician who first worked with The Beatles during their struggling days in Liverpool and Hamburg.
Castell,Paul Artist who photographed the apple used as the logo for Apple Records.
Castleman,Harry Coauthor of the books "All Together Now" and "The Beatles Again".
Castro,Bernard President of the "Castro Convertible Company" when he hosted The Beatles aboard his yacht in Miami,1964.
Cavendish,Leslie Hairdresser who was employed by The Beatles during the mid sixties.
Chapman,Norman Temporary drummer with The Beatles while they were performing at Liverpool's Jacaranda club in 1960.
Charles,Thomas Disc jockey for Alabama radio station WAQY who led the campaign to "Ban The Beatles" in 1966.
Clapton,Eric Guitarist and close friend of The Beatles.
Cliff,Edgar Paul's favorite history teacher.
Clive,John Actors who dubbed in the voice of John in "Yellow Submarine"
Coleman,Syd Manager of Aidmore and Beechwood,EMI's publishing outlet in 1962.He helps to have someone at EMI listen to The Beatles.
Collingham,Anne Secretary of the Official Beatles Fan Club in England.
Cooper,Michael Photographer of the cover of the album "SGT Pepper".
Copely,Peter Actor who portrayed the jeweler in "Help".
Corbitt,Bill Beatles'chauffeur who went on to work as John's personal chauffeur in 1964.
Cordet,Louise Singer who toured with The Beatles on their 1963 British Tour.
Cott,Jonathan Coauthor of the booklet "The Beatles Get Back" which was packaged with the "Lei It Be" album.

Corvello,Joe Photographer who took the photos on the album "T.B.Second Album" as well as many of the Beatle bubble gum card pictures.
Cowan,Philip Author of the book "Behind The Beatles' Songs".
Cox,Anthony Ex-husband of Yoko Ono.
Cox,Kyoko Daughter of Yoko Ono born in 1963.
Cox,Maureen Maiden name of Ringo's ex-wife Maureen.
Crawford,Ian Singer on the bill with The Beatles on their 1963 British tour.
Crisp,Frankie Architect who designed the castle in which George lived.
Crittle,John Clothing designer who designed the costumes for Apple Tailoring Shop.
Cruikshank,Robin British designer who decorated the Apple offices.
Cutler,Ivor Actor/poet who played a role in "Magical Mystery Tour" movie.
Davies,Hugh Recording engineer who supplied the tapes for the 1964 concert portionof the album " T.B. At The Hollywood Bowl".
Davies,Hunter Author of the book "The Beatles:The Authorized Biography" published in 1968.
Davis,Rodney One of the original members of The Quarrymen.
Dean,Johnny Editor of "Beatles Book Monthly".
DeBlasio,Edward Author of the book "All About The Beatles".
Dee,Simon British journalist who interviewed Jane Asher in 1968.She announced her engagement to Paul was broken.
DeShannon,Jackie American performer on the bill of The Beatles 1964 US Summer Tour.
Dexter,Dave Assistant producer of the American album "Beatles 65" and "Help".
Dice The dalmation who was photographed with The Beatles in New York's central Park in 1964.
Dietrich,Marlene Actress who appear on the bill with The Beatles at the Royal Variety Show in 1963.

DiLello,Richard American author of the book "The Longest Cocktail Party".DiLello was assistant to Derek Taylor at Apple from 1968 to 1969.
Dixon,Jeanne Clairvoyant who allegedly predicted that The Beatles would be involved in a air crash during their 1964 American Concert tour.
Doran,Terry Personal assistant to The Beatles,who later became George's assistant.
Dunning,George Director of the movie " Yellow Submarine". Yellow Submarine's director George Dunning looks over artwork with one of the film's artists. Photo courtesy of John Coates.
Eastman,Linda Maiden name of Paul's ex-wife.
Eckhorn,Peter Manager of Hamburg's Top Ten club.
Ellis,Geoffrey Personal assistant to The Beatles and Brian Epstein.
Emerick,Geoff Assistant to producer George Martin who worked on most of Beatles recordings.
Epstein,Brian The Beatles' manager from 1961 up until his death in 1967.
Epstein,Clive Brother of Brian,Clive became head of NEMS after Brian's death.
Eubanks,Bob Los Angeles TV/Radio personality who promoted The Beatles Hollywood Bowl Concert in 1964.
Evans,Shirley Accordionist in the movie " Magical Mystery Tour".
Everett,Kenny British disc jokey who helped edit The Beatles' Christmas recordings for the fan club members.
Faithfull,Marianne Singer/actress who appeared with The Beatles on the 1965 television special "The Music Of Lennon And McCartney"
Farrow ,Mia Actress who studied Trascendental Meditation in India with The Beatles.
Fascher,Horst Manager of the Star Club in Germany.
Fast,Julius Author of the book "The Beatles:The Real Story".
Fawcett,Anthony Author of the book " One Day At A Time".
Fein,Hal American business partner im Bert Kaempfert Productions.Fein claims to have been the original discoverer of the Beatles.
Finley,Charles Baseball club owner who persuaded B.Epstein to add a performance to The Beatles Tour itinerary and appear at his Kansas City ballpark in 1964.
Finer,Morris One of the lawyers who rapresented John,George and Ringo when Paul sued them in 1971.
Fisher,John Chauffeur who worked for Nems Enterprises in New York.
Fleetwood,Jenny Younger sister of Pattie Harrison/Clapton.
Freeman,Robert Photographer whose photos appear on the covers of several Beatles'LP's.
Friede,Goldie Coauthor of the book " The Beatles A to Z".
Frost,David British talk show host who inteviewed The Beatles on television frequently from 1964 to 1976.
Gambaccini,Paul Author of the book " Paul McCartney in His Own Words".
Garner,Frank The Beatles' first road manager,he was replaced by N. Aspinall.
Gary,Len One of the original members of The Quarrymen.
Gentle,Johnny British singer whom The Beatles backed on their first tour in 1960.
Gerrard,Hillary Ringo's personal assistant.
Gibbs,Russ Program director of Radio Station WKNR who brought the "Paul Is Dead" rumor for the first time in the USA.
Gibson,Bob Artist who illustrated the booklet included in "Magical Mystery Tour".
Gilmore,Voyle Producer of "The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl".
Goldman,Peter Swedish TV producer who filmed the promo film for "Penny Lane" and "Strawberry Fields Forever" in 1967.
Goode,Jack British producer of The Beatles' one hour TV special "Around The Beatles".
Goodgold,Edwin Coauthor of "The Complete Beatles Quiz Book".
Gordon,Dr. Physician who treated George's virus when The Beatles arrived in N.Y. for their american debut in 1964.
Grade,Sir Lew Head of ATV when the company gained control of the publishing rights to The Beatles' song in 1969.

Grant,Erkey Performer on the bill with The Beatles on their1963 British Tour.
Grant,Julie Performer on the bill with The Beatles on their 1962 British Tour.
Graves,Elsie Mother of Ringo Starr.
Graves,Harry Stepfather of Ringo Starr.
Gray,Anthony Sculptor who created The Beatles in bronze exhibit at the Chenil Gallery.

One of the original members of The Quarrymen Eric Griffiths
Grossberg,Larry Producer of the album "The Beatles Live At The Star Club".
Grossman,Henry Official Beatles' photographer from 1965 to 1968.
Grove,Martin Author of the book "Paul McCartney:Beatle With Wings"
Guyler,Derryck Actor who played the role of the Police chief in "A Hard Day's Night".
Hague,Jonathan British artist who attended Liverpool Art College with John in 1958.
Haigh,Kenneth Actor who played Simon the advertising executive in "A Hard Day's Night".
Hamp,Johnny Television producer who booked The Beatles on their first TV appearance in People and Places"1962.
Hanson,Colin One of the original members of The Quarrymen.
Hanson,Wendy B.Epstein's personal assistant during the Beatle years.
Harris,Rolf Performer who appeared on the bill at The Beatles '63 Christmas Show.
Harrison,Dhani First son born to George and Olivia Harrison .
Harrison,George Reporter on the Liverpool Echo newspaper.
Harrison,Harold George's father.
Harrison,Harold George's eldest brother.

Harrison,Louise George's mother.
Harrison, Olivia Wife of George Harrison. (Arias)
Harrison,Patricia George's first wife (Boyd)
Harrison,Peter George's older brother.
Harry,Bill Editor of Mersey Beat,Liverpool entertainment newspaper.
Haslem,Michael Artist who appeared on the bill with The Beatles on their 1964 British Fall Tour and on their Christmas Show of the same year.
Hawkins,Ronnie Singer on whose Toronto farm John and Yoko spent several days in 1969.
Haworth,Jan Codesigner of the "SGT Pepper" album cover.
Haworth,Jill British actress Paul met while The Beatles were in N.Y. in 1964.
Hebb,Bobby Singer who toured with The Beatles in 1966.
Hemenway,Robert Author of the Pulitzer prize winning short story "The Girl Who Sang With The Beatles".
Hine,Al Auyhor of the novel version of "Help".
Hockney,David Artist whose work appears in "The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics".
Hoffman,Dezo One of the first professional photographers hired to work with The Beatles.
Holloway,Brenda Performer on the bill with The Beatles in 1965.
Holly,Buddy The Beatles credit Holly as a mayor influence on their music. Publicity #1
Hopkin,Mary Welsh singer who was signed to Apple in 1968.
Hornsby,Jerome Coauthor of the book "All You Nedd Is Love".
House,Jack Author of "The Beatles quiz Book".
Howard,Frankie British comedian who was originally cast in The Beatles movie "Help" but whose sequence was cut from the film.
Howes,Arthur British concert promoter who booked The Beatles in Britain from 1964 to 1966.
Hughes,Geoffrey Actor who dubbed Paul's voice in the "Yellow Submarine" movie
Hutchinson,Johnny Drummer who performed with John,Paul,George and Stu when they auditioned for Larry Parnes in 1959.
Hutchinson,Johnny Drummer who performed with John,Paul,George and Stu when they auditioned for Larry Parnes in 1959.
Ichiwanagi,Toshi Yoko's first husband
Idle,Eric Comedy writer who performs in Monty Python group.George's close friend.
Ifield,Frank British performer who headlined the bill on which The Beatles performed in 1962.
Jagger,Mick Mick has been a friend of The Beatles since the early day.
James,Carrol Washington D.J. who was the first to play a Beatles record on american radio.
James,Dick Music publisher of The Beatles'songs from 1962 to 1968.
James,Frederick Chief inteviewer for The Beatles Book Monthly magazine.
Jasper,Tony British rock journalist who authored the book "Paul McCartney and Wings".
Johns,Glyn EMI recording engineer who worked closely with The Beatles on several of their recordings.
Jones,Brian Late member of The Rolling Stones very close to The Beatles.
Jones,Pauline 19 years old student who married John's 54 years old father in 1967.
Jones,Raymond Young man credited with bringing The Beatles to the attention of B.Epstein in 1961.
Junkin,John Actor who played the part of Shake in "A Hard Day's Night"
Kaempfert,Bert German composer who produced The Beatles first recording in 1961.
Kane,Louise Sister of George who moved to the USA.
Kass,Ron Former head of Apple Records until 1969.

Kaufman,Murray (the K) New York D.J.who accompanied The Beatles on their first american tour.
Kelly,Freda President of the original Liverpool Beatles Fan Club.
Kelly,George Former butler to Paul in 1967.Kelly had his experiences with "the drug taking,orgy throwing".
Kelly,John Photographer whose portraits are included in the album "The Beatles".
Kemp,Astrid (Kirschner) German photographer who was engaged to the late ex-Beatle Stu Sutcliffe.Astrid was also responsible of the Beatles'hair style.
Kennedy,Adrienne Coauthor of the London theatrical production based on John's book "In His Own Write".
King,Ted D.J. who was the first to air "Love Me Do" on BBC Radio in 1962.
King,Tony Chief A&R man for Apple Records,replacing Peter Asher in 1969.
Kinnear,Roy Actor who portrays Algernon in the movie "Help".
Klein,Allen Beatles'manager from February 1969,after previously managing The Rolling Stones .
Knoop,Herr German police chief responsible for deporting The Beatles from Germany in 1960.
Koschmider,Bruno German owner of the Indra and Kaiserkeller clubs in Hamburg.

Actor who portrayed the lawn mower in the movie "Help".
Larkin,Rochelle Author of the book "The Beatles Yesterday,Today,Tomorrow".
Leary,Timothy LSD guru of the late sixties.
Lee,Debbie Singer on the bill with The Beatles in 1963.
Lennon,Alfred Father of John Lennon.
Lennon,Cynthia John's ex-wife. (Twist)
Lennon,J.C.Julian Son of John and Cynthia.
Lennon,Julia Mother of John Lennon. (Stanley)

Lennon Sean First child born to John and Yoko.
Lennon Yoko Widow of John Lennon. (Ono)
Lester,Richard Director of The Beatles movies "A Hard Day's Night" ansd "Help".He also directed "How I Won The War" with John.
Lewis,Brian Consultant to Apple Corps Ltd. in 1968.
Lewis,Vic Managing director of NEMS Enterprises after Epstein's death.
Lindsay-Hogg,Michael Director of The Beatles movie "Let It Be"He also directed The Beatles in several promotional films.
Lockwood,Joseph Chairman of EMI.
Lomax,Jackie Liverpool musician who was one of the first artists signed to Apple.
Lopez,Trini Performer on the bill with The Beatles at the Olympia Theatre,Paris.
Lynch,Kenny Singer on the bill with The Beatles in 1963.
Lyndon,John Director of NEMS Theatre presentations,he later went on to manage the Apple Boutique.
Lynn,Harry Concert promoter who booked The Beatles for their first american concert at the Washington Coliseum in 1964.
Macbeth,David Performer on the bill of The Beatles May-August 1963 British Tour.
Macmillan,Ian Photographer who took the photos on the album cover for "Abbey Road"
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Indian guru who is the leader of the Trascendental Meditation movement.
Mahon,George Artist who designed the back cover for "SGT Pepper" album.
Maltz,Steve Apple accountant who first warn The Beatles that Apple was in serious financial trouble.
Mardas,Alex Greek inventor who was signed to Apple Electronics division in 1968.Known as "Magic Alex".
Maria,Vera 18 year old Czechoslovakian singer who signed to Apple in 1968.
Marsden,Beryl Performer on the bill with The Beatles in 1965.
Marsden,Gerry Leader of the Liverpool group Gerry and The Pacemakers.
Marsh,Tony Performer on the bill with The Beatles in spring and summer 1963.
Marshall,William Coauthor of the book "The Man Who Gave The Beatles Away".
Martin,George Record producer who prduced all of The Beatles recording except "Let It Be".
Martin,Rose Paul's housekeeper who has worked for him since 1967.
Matthew,Brian British D.J. and TV personality who first brought The Beatles to the attention of the nation via his TV program "Thank You Lucky Star".
McCartney,Angela Second wife of Paul's late father,James.
McCartney,Heather Paul and Linda eldest daughter.
McCartney,James Father of Paul McCartney.

First son born to Paul and Linda.
McCartney,Linda Ex-wife of Paul.(Eastman)
McCartney,Mary First child born to Paul and Linda.
McCartney,Mary Mother of Paul (Mohin)
McCartney,Michael Paul's brother.(McGear)
McCartney,Ruth Daughter of Paul's stepmother.
McCartney,Stella Second child born to Paul and Linda.
McCartney,Heather Paul's second wife (Mills)
McCartney,Beatrice First child born to Paul and Heather.
McDonald,Phil Engineer who worked with The Beatles on their album "Abbey Road".
McFall,Ray Owner and promoter of the Cavern in the 60's.

McGivern,Maggie Waitress at London's discotheque Revolution where she met Paul in 1968.The two dates and traveled to Greece together.
McGough,Roger Member of the group The Scaffold.
McGovern,Geraldine Ex-fiancèe of Ringo.
Mellers,Wilfred Author of the book "The Twilights Of Gods" a study of Beatle-music.
Mendelsohn,Jack Screenwriter for the movie "Yellow Submarine".
Mendelsohn,John Author of the book "P.McCartney:a Biography in Words and Pictures".
Mendes,Carlos Singer who recorded Paul's composition "Penina" in 1969.
Michaels,Ross Author of the book " George Harrison:Yesterday and Today".
Miles,Barry Coowner of the Indica art gallery.
Millings,Dougie The Beatles'tailor during the early sixties.
Mills,Mrs. Paul's housekeeper in 1967.
Minoff,Lee One of the screenwriters of the "Yellow submarine" movie.
Montez,Chris Performer who headlined The Beatles'tour of Britain in 1963.
Moon,Keith Late drummer of the Who.Good friend of all of The Beatles.
Moore,Tommy Drummer with The Beatles on their first tour of Scotland in 1960.
Morley,Robert British actor who played Father Christmas at The Beatles'1967 party.
Nakamura,Mike The Beatles' road manager for their 1966 concert tour of Japan.
Newfield,Joanne Personal secretary to B.Epstein.She discovered Brian dead.
Nichol,Jimmy Drummer who substituted Ringo during The Beatles 1964 tour.
Nicholas/Helmer Translators for the German version of "I Want To Hold Your Hand".

Nicholas/Montague Translators of "She Loves You" in German version.
Nicola 5 years old girl who is one of The Beatles travelling companions in "Magical Mystery Tour".
Nilsson,Harry American singer and composer and personal friend of The Beatles.
Noebel,David Author of the anti-Beatles book "Communism,Hypnotism and The Beatles"
Nuttall,David Apple employee who stood as a witness for John and Yoko's wedding at Gibraltar in 1969.
Nutter,Tommy British designer who tailored and designed The Beatles' clothing.
Obber,Horst Waiter at Hamburg's Star Club during The Beatles' visit on 1962.
O'Dell,Chris Former Apple secretary.
O'Dell,Dennis Associate producer of the movie "A Hard Day's Nighy"
Oliver,Jack Ex-manager of Apple Records.
Ono,Yoko Avant-garde artist,John's widow.
Orbison,Roy American singer/composer who tourned Britain with The Beatles in 1963.
Owen,Alun liverpool writer of the screenplay for The Beatles movie "A Hard Day's Night".
Paar,Jack TV personality who was the first to broadcast a film of The Beatles on his show in America in 1964.
Paolozzi,Eduardo Artist who tutored the late Beatle Stu Sutcliffe.
Parnes,Larry British rock and roll concert promoter.
Parsons,Allan Engineer who worked on the SGT Pepper album.
Pascall,Jeremy Author of the book " The Beatles:The Fabulous story of John,Paul,George and Ringo".
Partridge,Kenneth Interior decorator who worked on John and Cynthia Weybridge home in 1965.
Pease,Gayleen Teenager who was invited by The Beatles to sing background vocals.
Pilcher,Norman Scotland Yard detective who led the drug raid on the homes of John and George.
Pinsker,Harold Chief financial advisor for The Beatles'company Apple in 1968.
Pirmington,Patricia Author of the children's book "The Beatles".
Pobjoy,Mr. Liverpool High School teacher who helped John to get admitted into Art College.
Podrazik,Wally Coauthor of The Beatles discographies "All Together Now" and "The Beatles Again" .
Preston,Billy Musician who was the first non-Beatle to be credited on a Beatles' record.
Proby,P.J. Recording artist who recorded a Lennon-McCartney composition.
Quayle,Anna Actress who played the role of Millie in "A Hard day's Night".
Quickly,Tommy Performer on the bill with The Beatles on their 1963/1964 tours.
Robbins,Jessie Actress who played Ringo's Aunt Jessie in "Magical Mystery Tour".
Robbins,Kate Cousin of Paul.
Roe,Tommy American singer who toured with The Beatles in 1963/64 (UK and US).
Rose,Bettina National secretary for England'd Official Beatles Fan Club.
Rosenbaum,Helen Author of the book "The Beatles Trivia Quiz Book".
Rossington,Norman Actor who played Norm,The Beatles road manager in "A Hard Day's Night".
Rowe,Dick Decca Records executive who was responsible for rejecting The Beatles.
Royle,Derek Actor who played the part of the coach courier in "Magical Mystery Tour".
Russell,Ethan Photographer whose pictures appear in the Let It Be album and booklet.
Russell,William Liverpool playwright who authored the play "John,Paul,George,Ringo and Bert".
Sanders,E.R. Registrar who married Paul and Linda in 1969.

Saville,Jimmy British D.J.who appeared on the bill with The Beatles in 1964.
Scaduto,Anthony Author of the book "The Beatles".
Schaffner,Nicholas Author of the book "The Beatles Forever" and "The Boys From Liverpool:John,Paul,George,Ringo".
Schamburg,Ron Author of the book "Growing Up With The Beatles".
Schultheiss,Tom Author of the book " A Day In The Life"
Scott,Tom Saxophone player who worked with The Beatles on many of their solo efforts.
See,Melville Ex-husband of Linda McCartney and father of Heather.
Segal,Eric Contributing screenplayer for the movie "Yellow Submarine".
Sellers,Peter British comedy actor and close friend of The Beatles.
Shambudas,Mr. Student of Ravi Shankar who instructed George on the sitar in 1966.
Shankar,Ravi Indian musicians responsible for tutoring George in the foundations of Eastern music and culture.
Shannon,Del American singer who performed on the bill with The Beatles in 1963. Del Shannon picture
Shapiro,Helen Singer who headlined The Beatles first tour in Britain.
Sheba Bengal tiger who frightens Ringo in "Help".
Shenson,Walter Producer of The Beatles movie "A Hard Day's Night".
Shepherd,Billy Author of the book "The True Story Of The Beatles".
Sheridan,Tony British singer for whom The Beatles performed as back up band in 1961.
Shipper,Mark Author of the book "Paperback Writer".
Shotton,Pete Original member of the Quarrymen in 1955 and close friend of The Beatles.
Silver,Charles Business partner of The Beatles former music publisher,Dick James.

Smith,George Late husband of John's Aunt Mimi.
Smith,Mike Producer for Decca Records who arranged for The Beatles to audition for the company in 1961.
Smith,Mimi John's aunt who raised him.
Smith,Norman The Beatles recording engineer from 1963 to 1968.
Sommerville,Brian Beatles'publicist in 1964.
Spector,Phil Record producer and arranger who first worked with The Beatles on their album "Let It Be".
Spinetti,Victor British actor who appeared in several Beatles' movies and clips.
Stamp,Justice Judge who presided throughout the court battle between Paul,Apple and The Beatles.
Starkey,Jason Second son born to Ringo and Maureen.
Starkey,Lee Third child and only daughter of Ringo and Maureen.
Starkey,Maureen Ex-wife of Ringo (Cox)
Starkey,Richard Father of Ringo.
Starkey,Zak First child born to Ringo and Maureen.
Steele,Tommy British performer who appeared on the bill with The Beatles in 1963.
Stigwood,Robert In 1966 he was hired by Epstein to scout out new talent for NEMS.
Sullivan,Ed American TV host was the first to present The Beatles "live" on TV in the USA.
Sutcliffe,Stuart Original member of The Beatles who died just prior to the group success. Stuart Sutcliffe's German ID card
Sutton,Margret Author of the children's book " We Love You,Beatles".
Swension,John Author of the book" The Beatles Yesterday and Today".
Sydell,Ira Head of security for The Beartles'American Tour.
Taverner,John Classical music composer who was signed to Apple Records in 1970.
Taylor,Alistair Onetime assistant to B.Epstein and employee of NEMS.He was later employed by The Beatles as office manager of Apple Corps.
Taylor,Derek Former personal assistant to B.Epstein and press agent for The Beatles.Coauthor with G.Harrison of his autobiography "I Me Mine".
Taylor,James One of the first discoveries signed to Apple records.
Taylor,Ted Liverpool singer who taped A Beatles' performance at the Star Club in 1962.
TerryGore,Rev. Reverend who blessed Paul and Linda's marriage on March 12,1969.
Thomas,Chris Onetime assistant engineer to G.Martin for the album "The Beatles".
Thompson,Jay Author of the book "I Am Also A You" who includes an intro written by John Lennon.
Thorne,Ken Composer of the musical score for "Help".
Titone,Robin Coauthor of the book "The Beatles A to Z".
Trinitad,Olivia Pet name used by George referring to his wife Olivia.This is her middle name.
Troy,Doris Artist signed to Apple Records in 1969.
Turner,Shelly Linda's friend who became Paul's secretary in 1972.
Twist,Cynthia Ex-wife of John Lennon.
Twist,John Husband of Cynthia.
Tyler,Tony Coauthor of the book "The Beatles:An Illustrated Record".
Vartan,Sylvie Performer on the bill with The Beatles during their engagement at The Olympia in Paris.
Vaughn,Ivan Friend of The Beatles since their school days.
Vaughn,Janet Wife of Ivan and old friend of The Beatles since their teenage years.
Vincent,Gene Singer who appeared on the bill with The Beatles at the Cavern in 1962.

Vollmer,Jurgen German photographer who met The Beatles in Hamburg in 1961.
Voorman,Klaus German born musician and designer who worked for and wth The Beatles since 1961.
Watkins,Peter Film producer who first suggested John and Yoko to employ their celebrity for world peace.
Weet,Mandy Actress who portrayed Wendy Winters in "Magical Mystery Tour".
Weiner,Sue Coauthor of the book "The Beatles A to Z".
Weislieder,Manfred Owner of the Star Club in Hamburg.
Weiss,Nathan American attorney who became The Beatles'US representative.
Wells,Mary Singer who appeared on the bill with The Beatles on their 1964 British tour.
Whalley,Nigel One of the original members of the Quarrymen.
Wheeler,Cecile Registrar who married John and yoko in Gibraltar in 1969.
White,Alan Drummer who was a member of John's Plastic Ono Band.
White,Andy Session drummer who was called by G.Martin to substitute for Ringo during The Beatles'first recording session.
Whittaker,Robert Photographer who photographed the famous "Butcher Cover".
Wigg,David British journalist who conducted a series of interviews with The Beatles from 1969 through 1973.
Wilk,Max Author of the book "Yellow Submarine".

Coauthor of the book "The Man Who Gave The Beatles Away" and friend of The Beatles.He worked as their unofficial manager until 1961.
Williams,Danny Performer on the bill with The Beatles during the 1963 British tour.
Winchell,Walter American reporter who broke the story that Paul had secretly married Jane Asher.
Wood,Charles Coauthor of the screenplay for "Help" and "How I Won The War".
Wood,Susan Photographer of the front cover of "Unfinished Music N°2" and "Life With The Lions".

Wooler,Bob Disk Jockey at Liverpool's Cavern club in the sixties and close friend of The Beatles.
Wright,Maggie Actress who portrayed the "Lovely Starlet" in "Magical Mystery Tour".
Yolland,Peter Producer of The Beatles 1963 and 1964 Christmas Shows.
Young,Paul Author of the book "The Lennon Factor".
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