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Una gata salvaje (bobcat) que sabe usar el inodoro

Toilet-Trained Bobcat Becomes Internet Sensation

Sharon Glidden moved to Tiger Mountain Ranch a few years ago from Florida with her husband.

She said she's had Ginger since the bobcat was 3 weeks old, training her as carefully as she could, considering her wild nature.

"Bobcats are not possessions," Glidden said. "They are their own. We're really hers. She's not ours."

Glidden said she was alone with the animal one day when it happened.

"When she was 6 or 7 months old, she saw me go," she said. "I got up to brush my teeth and she decided she needed to go."

Glidden had to prove to her husband that she wasn't crazy, so she grabbed her video camera and taped it.

A couple of weeks later, Ginger was using her bathroom three times a day and it wasn't a big deal anymore.

Glidden posted the video on her account and on and forgot all about it.

"I left it. (On) Sept. 10, MySpace put her video on their main page and we got (250,000) hits, and now it's about a million," Glidden said.

Tiger Mountain Ranch gets visitors from all around the world. They come to camp out in teepees and listen to the stories Moses Littlebear and his family tell.

But more and more, visitors are coming to see the bobcat that's become a YouTube hit.

Glidden said Ginger even has her own blog now.
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