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Educación Jazzística
Jazz Education
Education jazzistique

Algunos discos de gente que se escucha mutuamente.
Some records of people who listen to each other.
Vinyles de musiciens qui se ecoute l'une avec l'autre pendant le jeu de mains.

I- Antes de irse, luego de volver, todavía hoy
Before the leaves, after the comeback, still today
Monsieur Sonny Rollins

After the Bridge
Sonny Rollins

Previously unreleased recordings from January, June and July of 1964, New York City

01. Fifty-Second Street Theme 15:54
02. Django 5:28
03. Now's the Time 16:00
04. I Remember Clifford 6:33

01. St. Thomas 3:09
02. Afternoon in Paris 3:06
03. Four I 6:57
04. Four II 8:57
05. Winter Wonderland 5:24
06. When You Wish Upon a Star 3:27
07. Trav'Lin' Light 13:30

Thad Jones (cor)
Sonny Rollins (ts)
Bob Cranshaw (b)
Roy McCurdy (d)
NYC, January 20, 1964
I Remember Clifford

Sonny Rollins (ts)
Herbie Hancock (p -2,5/7)
Ron Carter (b)
Roy McCurdy (d)
NYC, February 14, 1964
52nd Street Theme
St. Thomas
Four, II
Now's The Time
Afternoon In Paris
Four, I

Sonny Rollins (ts)
Herbie Hancock (p)
Jim Hall (g)
David Izenzon, Teddy Smith (b)
Stu Martin (d)
NYC, June 11, 1964
Trav'lin' Light

Sonny Rollins (ts)
Herbie Hancock (p)
Bob Cranshaw
(b) Mickey Roker (d)
NYC, July 2, 1964
Winter Wonderland
When You Wish Upon A Star

II- ¿Cómo debe trabajar un pequeño grupo?
¿How have to work an small combo?
Le son est matiére de travaille

Lulu White Club
Bill Evans

01. Re: A person i knew
02. Midnight Mood
03. The Peacocks
04. Suicide is Painless (theme from MASH)
05. Lori
06. Up with the Lark
07. I’m getting Sentimental over You
08. I do it for your Love
09. My Romance.

Bill Evans - Piano
Marc Johnson - Bajo
Joe LaBarbera - Batería .

Lulu White’s Boston, MA, USA. 30 de Octobre de 1979.

III- Como un grupo pequeño
Like a small combo
Depuis l'experimentation

Joey Baron, Tim Berne, Hank Roberts

01. Ethiopian Boxer 7:18
02. Circular Prairie Song (For Bill Frisell) 2:35
03. Hong Kong Sad Song 8:44
04. Lonely Mood 8:03
05. 'Narlin' 6:09
06. Peanut 6:28
07. Abeetah (For Jake And Mary) 4:46
08. Sanctuary

Tim Berne: Alto Saxophone
Hank Roberts: Cello, Cello [Electronically Processed], Voice, Voice [Electronically Processed]
Joey Baron: Drums, Electronic Drums [Electronically Processed], Synthesizer [Cz 101]
Written-By - Hank Roberts (tracks: 1, 7) , Joey Baron (tracks: 4, 6) , Tim Berne (tracks: 2, 3, 5, 8)

Recorded March 1988 at RPM Sound Studios, NYC.
Digitally mixed June 1988 at Skyline Studios, NYC.
Remastered at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg.
Edición 2002, Winter & winter, Germany

IV- ¿Cuál es el grupo más pequeño?
A l'artisanat

Nine stories
Van Maarten van der Grinten and Jesse van Ruller

01. You do something to me
02. Too late now
03. Angel fallen again (David)
04. New feet
05. Every time we say goodbye
06. Rul Grint
07. I won’t dance
08. Chi-Chi/Freight trane
09. Little man, you’ve had a busy day
10. Lullaby of the leaves
11. Ego dot com

Van Maarten van der Grinten and Jesse van Ruller: Guitars
Recorded in 1999|Challenge records (re-released 2009)

V- La familia crece
Around the globe
C'est la importance du language

SF jazz collective - live 2007 - 4th annual concert tour
Original compositions & works by Thelonious Monk

Bobby Hutcherson & Joshua Redman & Others

Disco 1
01. Brilliant Corners (5:56) - arranged by Renee Rosnes
02. Epistrophy (5:38) - arranged by Miguel Zenon
03. Crepuscule with Nellie (4:38) - arranged by Matt Penman
04. Criss Cross (4:21) - arranged by Dave Douglas
05. Bye-Ya (3:29) - arranged by Joshua Redman
06. I Mean You (8:02) - arranged by Eric Harland
07. Ugly Beauty (5:09) - arranged by Joshua Redman
08. San Francisco Holiday/Worry Later (3:59) - arranged by Miguel Zenon
09. Osaka T (7:00) arranged by Renee Rosnes
10. Reflections (4:45) arranged by Dave Douglas
11. Hornin' In (5:33) arranged by Dave Douglas
12. Bright Mississippi (5:02) arranged by Matt Penman

Joshua Redman (tenor saxophone)
André Hayward (trombone)
Miguel Zenón (alto saxophone)
Dave Douglas (trumpet)
Bobby Hutcherson (vibraphone)
Matt Penman (bass)
Renee Rosnes (piano)
Eric Harland (drums)

Que disfrute y aprenda y comparta y armonice y haga escuela de eso periódicamente.
Si you don't know what love is, vous avez travaille a faire.

*Nota: Si usted maneja un idioma que no esté incluído puede colaborar.
*Note: If you handle some language, your colaboration helps.
*Note: Vous pouvez traduire ce post-ci, vraiment!.

Llevando a la práctica con palabras escritas los saludo cordalmente.

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