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Cheats De Paper Mario En Project 64

Enable Code Must Be On!
DE025C00 0000
F106C6B0 2400

Level 99 Cheat
8010F299 0063

Infinite HP Cheat
8010F292 0063

Infinite FP Cheat
8010F295 0063

Maximum HP Cheat
8010F293 0063

Maximum FP Cheat
8010F296 0063

Infinite Coins Cheat
8110F29C 03E7

All Spirits Cheat
8010F51F 0007

Maximum Badge Points Cheat
8010F298 0063

Maximum Star Pieces Cheat
8010F29F 0063

Infinite Time In Smash Attack Cheat
Created by Bahamut Zero
8131C37A 038E

Only Need 1 Star Point For Next Level Cheat
Created by Bahamut Zero
8010F2A0 0063

Have Gombario
8010F2AC 0001

Have Kooper
8010F2B4 0001

Have Bombette
8010F2BC 0001

Have Parakarry
8010F2C4 0001

All Members In Your Party Cheat
8010F2AC 0001
8010F2B4 0001
8010F2BC 0001
8010F2C4 0001
8010F2CC 0001
8010F2D4 0001

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