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Marvel Avengers Alliance Hack How It's work ?
Its easy...1-Open Firefox or any browser in the list of the hack2-Open Marvel Avengers Alliance3-When the game load open the hack4-chose your browser and click then But be sure you chose the correct process5-Chose what ever you wan't from the hack's you will found too many of them BUT don't Enable the Disable AI Hack with Disorientation Hack because it will not work6-Speed hack didn't work in chrome (Use Firefox it's best and tested for all hack's #Work_100%7-If you use the speed hack keep the hack open because when you close it the speed hack will stop8-Enjoy!

And this is the explain for each function of the hack

1 Hit Kill>>It was work from old time and currently don't work

Disable AI>>Freezes your enemy turn

Multi Hit Hack>>Hit all enemy every time

Disorientation & Disorientation2>>Make's your enemy hit them themselves every time

SpeedHack x4?>>Make your game faster x4 times [Not work on chrome]

Anim#1~Anim#11>>Fast animation

AI score>>Some bit of score hack

AI Enemy AoE & AI Strategy & Ally AoE & Enemy AoE>>Sometimes do the same work as Self buffs and self actions are given to all allies not only 1


Pic's from the trainer

Maybe you ask your self some question about the hack...Don't worry about
1-Clean without Malignant program's
2-I will put Virus total to be sure its clean
3-How i trust with that hack?
It's easy for all...Re-scan before open it or if you know the hack's trick you can test your PC after open the hack
4-How you say it's clean and it have 6 threat's ?
This hack made by CE and its not a virus but some anti-virus detect him as a virus...But don't worry its safe 100%
5-Why you don't make it with money?
The most of hacker's sell hack's for some money but its just hack for game don't need for sell
Enjoy hacking

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5qHAOcloHM

El link esta en descripción del Video