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Es el nuevo anticheat q se usan los rusos Sin Cheats hasta la FECHA!!

Ultra Core Protector - is an anti-cheat client-server program created to prevent players from using restricted utilities and settings, that give them unfair advantage in game.

It is optimised for mods on Gold Source engine:

Condition Zero
Counter-Strike 1.6
Day of Defeat
Team Fortress Classic
It is optimised for mods on Source engine:

Counter-Strike Source
Team Fortress 2
It is optimised operating systems (x86x64):

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Block all libraries except white-listed
Block remote threads
Check system functions for interception
Find and disable restricted utilities (reddot, antirecoil, aim etc.)
Force 32-bit video mode
Force OpenGL video mode
Delete all unneeded files from game root directory (where hl.exe is located)
Check consistency of game libraries, maps and player models
Option to launch game with specified priority
Ban-system with client hardware id
Option to capture and send screenshots to specified ftp/http server
Auto update client part files through game process
Client debug mode for faster problem revealing
The list of blocked commands:

bind mwheelup "..+duck.."
bind mwheeldown "..+duck.."
bind .. "exec ...cfg"
The list cvar which values are exposed compulsorily:

cl_lc 1
cl_lw 1
cl_shadows 0
cl_showevents 0
cl_showerror 0
cl_smoothtime 0.1
cl_sidespeed 400
cl_nosmooth 0
cl_movespeedkey 0.52
cl_forwardspeed 400
cl_backspeed 400
cl_bob 0.01
cl_bobcycle 0.8
cl_bobup 0.5
cl_allowdownload 1
cl_pitchdown 89
cl_pitchspeed 225
cl_pitchup 89
gl_affinemodels 0
gl_flipmatrix 0
gl_fog 0
gl_picmip 0
gl_palette_tex 1
gl_nocolors 0
gl_nobind 0
gl_max_size 256
gl_monolights 0
gl_alphamin 0.25
gl_overbright 0
gl_clear 0
gl_zmax 3600
lookspring 0
developer 0

Game and Anti-cheat client are working in one process.
The server part anticheat work on any OS, as consists only from plugin.



ACA ESTA! hace click!! - Anti Cheat RUSO!

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