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L2 Gracias Final Sub Acum Full PVP

Entra A l2 Desperion y Refiereme Para Que Ganemos Premios Solo Al Level 1 Hasta Level 39 Escribe .REFERRAL y en La Primera Opcion Colocas 825128 y Cuando Completes Lv 85 Con 2 Sub LV 80 Ganas 100 Referal Vote Que Puedes Cambiar por Moneda de Donacion para Item RB GCm y Otros Item!! Entra ya !!!! No Olvides Referime Para Ayudartee Al Empezar Gracias


Bartz 100x:

- Rate Experience: 100x
- Rate Skill points: 100x
- Rate Drop Adena: 150x
- Enchants: Safe +4, Max. +20.
- Scroll Enchant: 85%.
- Blessed Enchant: 80%.
- Elemental: Lv 1-4 40% / Lv 4-7 30%.
- Buff amount 24+4, Song/Dance 12.
- Buff Time 2 Hours.
- Teleport Free.
- Global GK.
- Npc Buffer Support.
- Sub-Class without quest.
- Olympiad 15 days.
- Wedding System.
- Certifications.
- Trade/Craft Offline.
- Champion System.
- PC Bang Points
- Panel Command: .ccp
- Auto Learn Skills
- Vitality System
- Champion System

Server Features:

- DDoS Protection
- Anti-Bot System

Important Notes

- Inactive accounts to 3 months, will be deleted.
- New system of automatic backup, every 24 hours, transfer of data to HDD safely.

Automatic Events: Players can choose through voting.

Anti-Bot System: Game clients quantity-control launched from the same hardware. An ability to ban the hardware.

Vote Reward: You can vote for our server, and be rewarded! You can vote in topsites every 12 hours and get a Vote Coin, where you can exchange it for special items. Remember above all, your vote is always very important for the proper development of the population and popularity of the server.[/size][/url]
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