Addon para Firefox - AutoSlideShow

Este agregado para firefox sirve por ejemplo, en un post de muchas imagenes, poder verlas de una en una, y no estar haciendo scroll con el mouse o el teclado, o poder ver todas las fotos en miniatura y seleccionar la que te interese.

Shows a slideshow of all images of a page.

AutoSlideshow allows you to view slideshows of images of web pages or images linked to from web pages. This is mainly useful for viewing images of a page with no possibility for image browsing.
Beside the slideshow it is possible to browse the images one by one using back and forward buttons. Additionally you can save all detected images on disk.

Be aware that images and linked images are only detected if they are in pure html. So the extension is mainly thought to be used for simple pages.

You may look at to test AutoSlideshow with an example page.