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Credits: bored154

What type of vending machines this works on

1. I assume this article can work with any Pepsi vending machine that can be programmed to say the certain things in the small screen. Personally, I've only tried this on the Pepsi vending machine that has the big buttons like the one shown at the left, and this type of vending machine is the type I am going to use as examples.

The Code

2. Getting into the debug menu is as simple as pressing buttons. Some random person hanging around with friends can accidently enter in the code and not know it.
This picture shows you, in order, what buttons to press from 1-4.
Yes, it is as simple as just pressing those 4 buttons. The manufacturers could have made it a complex series of button presses or at least a button inside the Pepsi machine. I try to remember the code by Left, Left, Right, Right but there are many different ways to remember it.

What Buttons do What

3. The picture to the left has each button numbered and below is a key to match the numbers with the function the button has. I don't know what all of the buttons do so I will tell you what the ones i know do. Those buttons are really the only ones you need to know but you can find out the other ones when you try this article out.
1,2 - Cycle right
3 - Enter
4 - Debug Quick Exit

Inside the Debug Menu
I've only seen two options in the Debug menu.
Diagnostics - I'm guessing that this tests parts in the vending machine. My guess is based off of the Hacking Coke Machines article. In the Hacking Coke Machines article, it says that there is an option to test the parts in the machine.
Sales Data - Shows you what each product on the buttons made and how much money there is total in the machine. To see what the seperate products have made just use the cycle right button.