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haha esto es increible

The Game Boy is the world's best-selling video game system, with over 100 million units sold by Nintendo. The original Game Boy was released in 1989, which gave players the freedom to play their favorite games no matter how far they traveled from home. Games like Super Mario Land and Tetris proved that quality games could be developed for portable use, and an instant army of loyal fans was formed. The Game Boy has been improved in design and technology three times, each time blending technological triumphs with state-of-the-art designs in portability. Each time it has been redesigned it has been fit into a tighter and more compact package and grown progressively smaller.

However, in today's modern world of "bigger is better" mentalities, the Game Boy is unable to satisfy the desires of the entire populus. Gamers are already accustomed to their oversized Ford Excursions and Biggie Fries. They need something just as huge to satisfy their need to have the biggest and baddest portable gaming experience possible.

Enter the Game Man.

It's Big.

It's Bad.

It's Heavy.

It's over 3 feet tall and it's totally in your face.

Get ready for the most heart-pounding portable video game experience of your life. Get ready for the Game Man. Are you man enough for it?

[[end sarcasm]]

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