links activos deep wed 2014

hola a todos! este es mi primer post y espero que les agrade. Soy una apasionada por todo lop relacionado a redes e informática y también a lo relacionado con las artes oscuras así que estaré publicando futuros post de ambos temas. Pero no estamos aquí para hablar de lo que me gusta y lo que no, cierto? así que vayamos al grano. Me imagino que si estás buscando links activos para la DW es porque ya has instalado tor y has configurado tu pc para entrar a este súper interesante "sub-mundo virtual". De la DW se habla mucho, que es lo peor del mundo pero no creo que tanto, a mi en lo personal me parece algo fascinante, hay muchísimas cosas interesantes y si, es cierto, te toparás con cosas que desearías no heber visto nunca pero también hay muchas cosas cosas que aprender y, como por ejemplo, crear una bomba molotov, xd, ok, no, es broma! jaja solo les aconsejo visitar páginas donde no nos veamos involucrados (ni aun como espectadores) en actos delictivos, Ahora si, los links :p

OnionLand link indexes and search engines

http://sla2tcypjz774dno.onion/ - SOL's Unified Counterfeit's 20 Dollar USD Notes(TRUSTED)

http://dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion/ - OnionDir

http://torlinkbgs6aabns.onion/ - TORLINKS Directory for .onion sites, moderated.

http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/ - DuckDuckGo (BUSCADOR)

http://p3lr4cdm3pv4plyj.onion/ - Welcome, We've been expecting you! - Links to basic encryption guides.

http://iir4yomndw2dec7x.onion/ - Onion Mail - SMTP/IMAP/POP3. ***

http://zzq7gpluliw6iq7l.onion/threadlist.php - La Máquina Verde - El mejor lugar para cuentas de PayPal robadas con saldos y CC de. vendedores impresionantes!

http://easycoinsayj7p5l.onion/ - EasyCoin - Bitcoin Wallet with free Bitcoin Mixer.

http://jzn5w5pac26sqef4.onion/ - WeBuyBitcoins - Sell your Bitcoins for Cash (USD), ACH, WU/MG, LR, PayPal and more.

http://ow24et3tetp6tvmk.onion/ - OnionWallet - Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet and Bitcoin Laundry.

http://hiddenblcjdoakxx.onion/ - Hidden Market - Private marketplace with several sellers.

http://samsgdtwz6hvjyu4.onion/ - Safecrow - Safe, anonymous, fast, easy escrow service.

http://tr36btffdmdmavbi.onion/ - CC Planet - Best Autoshop for Credit Card mostly EU and US. New stocks,several sellers with automated Bitcoin system and LR

http://4yjes6zfucnh7vcj.onion/ - Drug Market Anonymous marketplace for all kinds of drugs. Ships from USA.

http://hbetshipq5yhhrsd.onion/ - Hidden BetCoin - Proven fair bitcoin game, bet and win, double your coins!. Proven fair trusted game.

http://tuu66yxvrnn3of7l.onion/ UK Guns and Ammo - Selling Guns and Ammo from the UK for Bitcoins

http://cstoreav7i44h2lr.onion/ - CStore - The original CardedStore - Electronics, purchased with carded giftcards. Everything Brand new. Escrow accepted.

http://3dbr5t4pygahedms.onion/ ccPal - CCs, CVV2s, Ebay, Paypals and more.

http://tfwdi3izigxllure.onion/ Apples4Bitcoin - Cheap Apple products for Bitcoin.

http://abbujjh5vqtq77wg.onion/ Onion Identity Services - Selling Passports and ID-Cards for Bitcoins.

http://dbmv53j45pcv534x.onion/ - system software development for unix systems, design and implementation of fault resilient networks

http://k4btcoezc5tlxyaf.onion/ - Kamagra for Bitcoin - Same as Viagra but cheaper!

http://hostzdcvmuqacom4.onion/ Hiddenhost - Biggest Quality Hosting Provider in Darknet. Allows every Content with very much Space (Commercial)

http://shopsat2dotfotbs.onion/ - TorShops - Get your own .onion store with full bitcoin integration.

http://ejz7kqoryhqwosbk.onion/ - bittit, clearnet - Host and sell your original pictures for Bitcoins.

http://cyruservvvklto2l.onion// - welcome CYRUSERV - Hosting service with an emphasis on security.

http://dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion/ - Directorio de links

http://pyl7a4ccwgpxm6rd.onion/w/index.php/Special:AWCforum/ - CODE:GREEN Hacktivist Forum - Ethical hacktivism for a better world

http://t4is3dhdc2jd4yhw.onion/ Onionforum 3.0 New Onionforum replacement since 1.0 and 2.0 are down now.

http://6w6vcynl6dumn67c.onion/ Tor Market Board Board for buying and selling and vendor discussion.

http://nifgk5szbodg7qbo.onion/ TCF - Tor Carding Forums + Market. ('''New domain''')

http://3mrdrr2gas45q6hp.onion:2000/ Torduckin0 #1st - Citadel BBS with chat and IM to support Torduckin.

http://iir4yomndw2dec7x.onion/ - Onion Mail

http://assmkedzgorodn7o.onion/ Assassination Market - Anonymous, safe, secure, crowdfunded political assassinations.

http://pyl7a4ccwgpxm6rd.onion/ CODE:GREEN - Ethical hacktivism for a better world clearnet

http://6sgjmi53igmg7fm7.onion/ BuggedPlanet.Info - Information on Telecommunication Interception Companies & Installations

Hack, Phreak, Anarchy (internet), Warez, Virus, Crack.

http://2kcreatydoneqybu.onion/ Creative Hack

http://jv7aqstbyhd5hqki.onion/ HackBB - Forums for hacking, carding, cracking, programming, anti-forensics, and other tech topics. Includes a marketplace with escrow.

http://nifgk5szbodg7qbo.onion/ TCF - Tor Carding Forums + Market. ('''New domain''')

http://wdnqg3ehh3hvalpe.onion/ keys open doors - Mirror of geohot's PS3 hacking tools

http://vt27twhtksyvjrky.onion/ - 20th Century Western Music Recordings and Scores '''SKY HD TV CARDS''' - All channels including HD ones for a one off price, completely untraceable... Great for the football season!

http://ejz7kqoryhqwosbk.onion/ bittit NSFW, clearnet - Buy or sell original NSFW pictures for Bitcoins.

http://pja3dhxxpn4cba63.onion/TSSA/ The Secret Story Archive #1st - Big cat zoophile stories, artwork, links and forum.

http://odduuqnxvzqftyfh.onion/ The Secret Story Archive #2nd

http://mmgh3rqeswrlgzdr.onion/ VOR-COM Archive - Archive of the VOR-COM. Contains vore!

http://s6cco2jylmxqcdeh.onion/ - cebollachan: Chan en castellano.

http://zqiirytam276uogb.onion - Thorlauta

http://zw3crggtadila2sg.onion/imageboard/#sthash.b5q9IfMV.dpuf (torchan)

http://zw3crggtadila2sg.onion/downornot/#sthash.b5q9IfMV.dpuf (juegos)

http://32rfckwuorlf4dlv.onion/ - Onion Url Repository http://zbnnr7qzaxlk5tms.onion/ - wikileaks

si estás buscando asesinos a sueldo checa estos links xd
http://iacgq6y2j2nfudy7.onion/ - Meet C´thulhu

http://am4wuhz3zifexz5u.onion - The Tor Library

http://am4wuhz3zifexz5u.onion/Library/English/Oxford_Univerity_Press_USA/ - Libros de la Prensa de Oxford.

http://wuvdsbmbwyjzsgei.onion/ - descarga de musica - otro directorio muy completo. También es buscador.

http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion/ - Torch (buscador)

http://74ypjqjwf6oejmax.onion/ - Exploración de túneles de Virginia Tech

http://32rfckwuorlf4dlv.onion/ -Foro anónimo de Tor

http://qm3monarchzifkwa.onion - Foro Anónimo BBS

http://xiwayy2kn32bo3ko.onion - ONION Channel

http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion/success.txt <-Aprenda a ter sucesso sem talento.

http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion/iNFeCTioN_CooKBooK.txt <- Destrancar portas (até de carros), explosivos (incendiários, correios, granadas, ácido), trapacear os sistemas telefônicos, hacking, conseguir uma nova identidade, etc...

http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion/fuksomeone.txt - Como conseguir informacion detallada de cualquier persona

http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion/molitov.txt - Construir una bomba molotov

http://wuvdsbmbwyjzsgei.onion/~files.lst?recursive - Super Dump de Musica

http://zw3crggtadila2sg.onion/imageboard/ TORCHAN

http://wtwfzc6ty2s6x4po.onion seakittens-Gore&more

http://wuvdsbmbwyjzsgei.onion/DOWNLOAD/ - Descargar Musica

http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion/files.html <-Parazite - Archivos, tutoriais

http://3fnhfsfc2bpzdste.onion/ - Subir ficheros

ok aquí tienen estos links y recuerden, andense con cuidado en la dw y no hablen con extraños::::::