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Esta pag., que se dedica a crear videos sobre los mejores videojuegos, es una de las mejores. usa actores reales y los videos son un cago de risa.



Nativo de San Diego, estudiante, y creador de Mega64, Rocco vive una vida de intriga y suspenso. Quizas lo hayas visto en alguna esquina, en un concierto de los Aquabats, actuando en algun teatro, o en algun negocio de videojuegos. No se sabe mucho mas sobre el.

Vidoejugo Favoritos: Super Mario World 2, North & South, Resident Evil 4, Ico, Dead Rising, Trojan, Othello Derby. Xbox Live Gamertag: Dr Poque
Peliculas Favoritas: Return of the Jedi, Return of the King, Fight Club, Cabin Fever, Feeders 2: Slaybells
Programa de TV favorito: Power Rangers, The Wonder Years, Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Tom Green Show, Degrassi
Bandas Favoritas: The Aquabats, Bad Credit, Weezer, N.E.R.D., Alien Ant Farm
Comida Favorita: Pizza
Odia Absolutamente: El hombre abeja que camina alrededor de Hometown Buffet
Funniest thing ever seen/heard: El microfono de la tia/abuela explotando cuando el trato de dar un discurso en su cumpleaños

Bueno, no tengo gana de traducir todas las bios, asi que les dejo las otras en ingles


Age: 20
Place of Birth: San Diego, CA
Height: Several feet
Weight: Heavy with emotion
Eyes: Blood red
Hair: Wild

YO WASSUP. If ur reading this its cuz i'm DA BEST. I'm derrick, I know whats crackin. I'm tired of girls always saying they want some action but then you get them in bed and all of the sudden the're like "NO NO NO". can you say bLUE BALLS?

Favorite game: supper smash bros. mellee
Favorite Movies: Miller's Crossing, Robocop, Phantom of the Paradise, Citizen Kane, A Night at the Opera, Animal Crackers, Back to the Future, Manhattan, Annie Hall, Sleeper, Husbands and Wives, Terminator 2, Tron, Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge, Gattaca, When Harry Met Sally, Shaolin Soccer, Blade Runner, Turkish Delight, Soldier of Orange, Basic Instinct, Starship Troopers, The Third Man, Touch of Evil, Batman, Total Recall, Chinatown, Gone With the Wind, THX-1138, Stardust Memories, Repo Man, The Game, Unbreakable, Minority Report, The Parallax View, The Conversation, Avalon, AI: Artificial Intelligence, U2: Rattle and Hum, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, The American Astronaut, Cabin Boy, Lawrence of Arabia, Equilibrium
Favorite TV Show: Lost, The Office
favorite food: donughts, ice cream, danish, skittles, fritos, starburts, twinkies, ding dongs, cobb salad
absolutely hates: women
Funniest thing I ever saw: people peepeeing/ pooing on cars


Age: 21
Place of Birth: San Diego, CA
Height: Above the Gods
Weight: 6 Apples
Eyes: Raging
Hair: Raging

Alright… let me tell all of you right now I think that the main reason that after almost 3 years this is my first bio says that I really don't know what to say about myself. I will tell you that I am not as scary or as weird as Sean in the show... But I am as funny and as charming as you would imagine. But sorry Whoopi, I am off the market.

Favorite video games: Tetris, Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time, Prince of Persia and the sands of time, Resident Evil 4, Pokemon Snap, and I know Dead Rising is a newer game but come on! Its AWESOME!. Finally let me tell you that I HATE RPG's. I know I just broke some of your hearts right now, but I cant change who I am…I just cant!
Favorite movies: I really don't care for movies so I will list the WORST movies of all time instead of my favorites. The Original Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, The Matrix 1 and 2 ( the third one was good though but It still couldn't make up for the lame and tired effects of the first 2. Bullet time? Get over yourself.) I guess if I had to pick my top 3 favorite movies of all time they would be
3. Hollow Man.
2. Snake Eyes. W/ Nick Cage!!
1. Star Wars Ep 1 The Menacing Phantom. (If only they were all that good)
Favorite TV show: LOST, South Park, Batman the animated series, Home Movies, Get Smart, The Twilight Zone, Doug…I was Quail Man one year for Halloween (god I was sexy). But MY #1 favorite TV show for right now is, The Office ( and I know some of you think that the UK version is SOOOOO much better than the US one. But I would have to disagree, and say that although the UK version is great, I love the characters three million times more in the US one. So suck it.)
Favorite bands: I just went to a concert and the crowd started chanting the bands name but they just used the acronym so I realized that, that is much cooler than saying the bands actual name so I am just going to do that…T.A., T.A.F., B.R., C, C.A.C., C, D.C.F.C., T.D., E.S., T.F., T.G.L, I , L.Z., M , M.M, T.M.P, M.C.S., M , N, P, P, T.P.S., S.T.D., S, S.C, T.W.S, W, Z.7.
Favorite food: California Burrito ( those of you who don't know that's…Carna a sada, Guacamole, Cheese, French Fries and Salsa in a warm flour tortilla) yeah I know it is amazing.
Funniest thing ever seen/heard: A car right in front of me towing a boat made a sharp turn, and the boat became unhitched, and started rolling down the street on its own. Then slammed into a parked car. But I think the best part was the boat owners look of disbelief.


Age: 25
Place of Birth: New Zealand
Height: Two bars
Weight: Five verses
Eyes: Songlike
Hair: Songlike

Josh Jones was born in Wellington, New Zealand at a very young age. He started piano lessons in 1985 after moving to England and spent the majority of his school career skipping real lessons in favor of hanging out in the Music Department to play music and write. Somehow he was accepted to the University of London and escaped with a Bachelor's Degree in Music specializing in studio composition. They even allowed him to do a year at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Crazy. While in University and since leaving he has been involved in multiple film and tv projects as well as being fairly prolific on the Internet in the field of animation including appearances on The Stile Project and Something Awful. After leaving University he abruptly relocated to California where he now ekes out a very dry existence in the Mojave Desert.
Favorite video games: Metal Gear Solid 2 BUT NOT 3 IT SUCKS
Favorite movies: The Shawshank Redemption HELL YEAH THOMAS NEWMAN
Favorite TV show: Probably Scrubs I guess I don't know what is this myspace
Favorite bands: Rubber bands
Absolutely hates: getting milk out of the fridge for cereal and then you put it on the cereal and you eat some and its sour UGH
Funniest thing ever seen/heard: nothing is funny to me, my life is a wasteland of darkness and gloom


Age: 24
Place of Birth: San Diego, CA
Height: 6'2"!
Weight: 150
Eyes: Stumbling Green
Hair: Not black enough for his dreadlocks

Garrett is the mysterious special effects/makeup artist for Mega64's second season (Version 2) as well as many of their online videos and game ads. An avid gamer and self taught artist, his main influence is Tom Savani. Garrett was introduced to the Mega64 crew by Adam McCarthy ("Bones from Alabanana" in the Super Dodgeball skit) and immediately became more liked than Adam himself. His other hobbies include singing soulful melodies in the musical groups "Slow Draw the Hungry Eskimo" and "VeeZees," bands which he has compared to the likes of Beethoven and the Kids of Widney High. His favorite episode of Evangelion is the one where Rei II sacrifices herself to blow up the 16th Angel. He feels this way because Rei is a beautiful person, not in any sexual aspect, because he does not like to think of her that way.

Bueno, y aca les dejo algunos videos:

Dead Rising

Resident Evil 4


Ghost N Goblins

Metal Gear Solid


Todo esto y unas cuanta cosas mas estan en Mega64

En este video se dan cunta de los recursos con los que cuentan estos grosos para poder hacer un video: