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Esta es la lista que publico el World Economic Forum como pioneros tecnologicos en IT para el año 2007... ( se olvidaron de T!)

Alfresco Software Inc I Interview
Representative: Mr John Newton, Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer
Company Profile: Alfresco offers true Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) - Document Management, Collaboration, Records Management, Knowledge Management, Web Content Management and Imaging. Alfresco dramatically lowers total cost of ownership through open source distribution, working in the user's native environment, minimizing training and using low cost, loosely coupled hardware. http://www.alfresco.com

BridgePort Networks, Inc I Interview
Representative: Mr Mike Mulica, President and CEO, USA
Company Profile: BridgePort Networks, Inc. develops telecommunications software for mobile services between mobile and Internet protocol networks. Its network convergence gateway uses roaming technology to extend single identity phone number services over multiple access networks, including mobile, cable, DSL, and WiFi. http://www.bridgeport-networks.com

Cicero Networks
Representative: Mr Ross Brennan, Co-founder and CEO, Ireland
Company Profile: Cicero Networks is at the forefront of the wireless Internet revolution, developing solutions for the delivery of Voice over Wireless IP. Cicero’s mission is to harness the power of VoIP to enable the delivery of wireless voice services while maintaining mobility and flexibility for end users at a lower cost. http://www.ciceronetworks.com

comScore Networks I Interview
Representative: Mr Magid Abraham, President, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Company Profile: comScore Networks started in 1999 with the vision to measure, analyze and report actual e-commerce transaction data across all websites. Harnessing its technological innovation and creativity, comScore has evolved far beyond this initial vision to become the leading provider of digital marketing intelligence. http://www.comscore.com

Drishtee I Interview
Representative: Mr Satyan Mishra, Managing Director, India
Company Profile: Drishtee is a rural network for delivering services and related information to the village community through an ICT (information and communication technologies) Center or Information Kiosk. The Kiosks are run by entrepreneurs selected from the villages and have been designed to follow a service-delivery based revenue model. http://www.drishtee.com

Dust Networks Inc
Representative: Ms Joy Weiss , President & CEO, USA
Company Profile: Dust Networks makes wireless sensor network systems that monitor and control building systems. Its SmartMesh platform wirelessly connects sensors with in-building climate control, equipment monitoring, and surveillance systems, allowing for building automation, industrial monitoring, and enhanced security. http://www.dust-inc.com

HelloSoft Inc I Interview
Representative: Mr. Krishna Yarlagadda , Founder, President & CEO, India
Company Profile: HelloSoft is the world’s leading provider of VoIP technologies for wireline and wireless devices. The company enables mass deployment of low-cost, power-efficient, fully-featured multi-mode wireline and wireless devices by providing highly optimized RISC-based VoIP products with superior voice quality, QoS, and efficient call switching specifically designed for next generation end-points. http://www.hellosoft.com

Representative: Mr Ralph Cohen, Founder and CEO, The Netherlands
Company Profile: IceMobile is a leading publisher of mobile entertainment content. In addition to publishing mobile video content on the portals of 30 European mobile operators, IceMobile launched its VideoCall2TV technology that allow viewers to make a video call from their third-generation (3G) mobile phone to a TV program and participate in the show with live spontaneous performances. http://www.icemobile.com

MobiTV, Inc
Representative: Dr. Phillip Alvelda, CEO, Chairman and Co-founder, USA
Company Profile: MobiTV, Inc. is the first mobile television and digital radio service provider for cellular, WiFi and broadband enabled devices worldwide. It offers products for mobile phones, palm devices, and laptops. The company delivers the media content over the cellular and mobile telephones. The Emmy Award winning service has more than one million paying subscribers and offers many popular TV channels. http://www.mobitv.com

Mozilla Corporation I Interview
Representative: Ms Mitchell Baker , President & CEO, USA
Company Profile: As a wholly owned subsidiary of the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, the Mozilla Corporation is charged with the development and promotion of products that further the Foundation's public benefit mission to preserve choice and innovation on the Internet. Millions of people worldwide enjoy a better Web experience with the award-winning, free and open source Mozilla Firefox browser. http://www.mozilla.com

netomat Inc I Interview
Representative: Mr Maciej Wisniewski, Founder and Chief Scientist, USA
Company Profile: Netomat, Inc. develops online publishing and communication software. The company’s technology offers solutions for collating digital pictures, audio, voice, free-form drawing, text, and animation for creating emails, blogs, and Websites. http://www.netomat.net

Omnibase Logic, Inc I Interview
Representative: Mr Luther Hendrix, President & CEO, USA
Company Profile: Omnibase Logic offers a unique approach to designing and producing electronic circuits. The company’s proprietary technology allows the use of math and logic is based on number systems other than 2 (binary). This technology can dramatically impact all areas of digital electronics, especially mathematical processing and the storage and transmission of large quantities of data. http://www.omnibaselogic.com

Ruckus Wireless Inc I Interview
Representative: Ms Selina Lo, President & CEO, USA
Company Profile: Ruckus Wireless, Inc. engages in the design, development, and marketing of technologies and products that enable the home media network ecosystem. The company’s BeamFlex automatically beams Wi-Fi signals around interference to deliver video, audio, games, and data in the home. http://www.ruckuswireless.com

Sling Media
Representative: Mr Blake Krikorian, Co-founder and CEO, USA
Company Profile: Sling Media, Inc., a consumer electronics company, offers digital lifestyle products. It offers Slingbox, a device that allows consumers to access their living room digital television from any location through Internet connected laptops, desktops, PDAs, and smartphones. The company also offers SlingPlayer Mobile, a software package, which allows Slingbox owners to watch and control their home TV from any network-enabled mobile phone or handheld computer. http://www.slingmedia.com

Technorati I Interview
Representative: Mr David Sifry, Founder and CEO, USA
Company Profile: Technorati, Inc. operates as an online search engine that monitors various weblogs or blogs. It tracks what people on the Internet are saying about a company, products, competitors, politics, or other areas of interest. The company also provides news from general news services and blogs. In addition, Technorati provides a live view of the global conversation of the Web. http://www.technorati.com

The MicroOptical Corporation I Interview
Representative: Kip Kokinakis, Founder and CTO, USA
Company Profile: The MicroOptical Corporation manufactures and markets optical equipment systems, which are integrated in eyewear. The company's video headsets cater to medical, nondestructive testing, law enforcement, 3-D gaming, wireless surveillance, consumer electronics, and military sectors. http://www.microoptical.net and http://www.myvu.com

Representative: Mr Yael Maguire, Co-Founder & CTO, USA
Company Profile: ThingMagic develops radio frequency identification (RFID) readers, sensors, and computing technologies worldwide. The company provides RFID capability to label printers, print and apply machines, and other systems that need to read and write singulated RFID tags of protocol. http://www.thingmagic.com

Transitive Corporation I Interview
Representative: Mr. Robert P. Wiederhold, Chairman, CEO & President, USA
Company Profile: Transitive Corporation designs, develops, and markets software solutions for the IT industry. The company’s QuickTransit suite offers software, which allow software applications to function on different processors and operating systems without any source code or binary changes. http://www.transitive.com

Truphone I Interview
Representative: Mr Alexander Straub, Co-Founder, UK
Company Profile: The company has developed a software infrastructure that allows mobile phones with Wi-Fi to make calls and send SMS messages using only Wi-Fi and the Internet. Crucially, when a Truphone-enabled mobile handset is out of Wi-Fi range it reconnects to the mobile network, allowing customers to roam between the two networks. http://www.truphone.com