Si tenes unos mangos de mas te llevas todo T´

Si tenes unos mangos de mas te llevas todo T´ en el pendrive JE

Me parece que es un poquito exagerado pero si te sobran unos mangos te podes instalar no solo el Linux podes instalar el WinXP el Linux todos los programas que usas y capas que te sobra para llevarte todo T´en el aparatito nomas

Memoria USB de 64 GB

The ultimate "storage on the go" device in the Market! Carry a HUGE amount of data with you--right in your pocket or on your key chain--with one of these USB flash drives. Each is smaller than a pack of gum and virtually weightless!
BUSLink was first to introduce the 8GB and 16GB flash drive to the world, now we're proud to introduce the first 32GB and 64GB flash drive ever.
**PRO 2 Series performs up to 4x faster than the original Buslink USB 2.0 Flash Drive
- Pentium II 233 MHz or higher standard
- Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
- 64MB RAM
- USB 2.0 Port (recommended) or
- USB 2.0 Flash Drive PRO 2
- USB Extension cable
- Software
- User's guide

Weight and Dimension Detail:
Product weight - 0.05 lbs
Product dimension - 3.875"x1"x .625"
Master pack -
Master pack weight -
Master pack dimension -

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