Simplemente Juegos


-Fairyland (like Ragnarok):
-Adventure Quest (try it, requires Flash 6):
-Priston Tale (Asian RPG):
-PlaneShift (very nice graphics):
-Dark Eden (now doesn't require a Korean ID):
-Faldon (small scale MMO):
-Dransik Classic (may be free, not sure):
-Mu Online (looks like Diablo 2):
-Build Your Own Net Dream (complicated name for a multiplayer game builder):
-Fung-Wan (or something, it's Chinese):
-Runescape (like UO):
-Conquer (I think its a MMORPG):
-Space Federation (kind of like Master of Orion):
-Rose Online (very cool game): http//
-Knight Online:
-DO Online:
-Kal Online:
-Monster & Me:
-Rubies of Eventide:


-Cube (looks very good, worth a try):
-Wolfenstein Enemy Territory (basically RTCW, free to play online):
-America's Army (yeah, the one from the Army):
-Hidden and Dangerous (I love this game):
-Marathon (redesign of the original): The data files are available here:
-Wulfram (tank based shooter, online play):
-Blackshades (randomly generated love, Linux and OS/X only):
-Tribes 1 (yes, the full thing):
-Tribes 2 (again, the full thing):
-Kkrieger (only 96 KB, and has amazing graphics):


-Bontago (addictive puzzle game):
-DROD (check it out):
-Chromatron (mirror game):
-Laser Tank (tank puzzle game!):
-The Timmy's Picross (remake of the classic):
-MadMaze (old game from Prodigy):
-Clickomania (remake of old Mac game): (Win/Mac), (Linux)
-Enigma (addictive puzzle game):


-Warring Factions (Goon-made, so you know its good):


Http:// Http:// Http:// -Wazzal (single player space privateering game): -Shattered Galaxy (Real-time, a lot like StarCraft): -Pirate Wars II (Goon-made): -Allegiance (GREAT looking spaceship game): -Steel Panthers (turn based WW2 game): -Space Merchant (space trading game): -Star Kingdoms (similar to Warring Factions): -Megamek (BattleTech Board Game): -FreeCiv (Civ 2 clone): -Warpath (Conquer the universe!): Side scroller or Top Down shooter: -Soldat (cool online play, very worms-esque): -Notrium (single player top-down survival game, like Crimsonland): -Crimsonland (top-down shooter, free to play, but you can "register"): -FaceWound (Goon-made, so you know its good): -GunBound (online play, very addictive): -Survival Project (interesting Asian game): -rRootage (fly spaceship!): -Grand Theft Auto (yes, it's free now): -Continuum (multi-player Asteroids!): -Warning Forever (I honestly don't know what this game is about): -Liero ("some sort of ******* child of SOLDAT and Worms"): -Scorched Earth (a lot like the classic Bomb): -Hot Persuit (like Spy Hunter): -N (ninja platformer): -Half-Life: Codename Gordon (the long awaited 2D HL): http://www.pha**** -Battle Posotion (like Gunbound/Worms but Real-Time): Adventure: -Kings Quest (there are other games here too): -NetHack (single player RPG): -Angband (similar to NetHack): -The Ur-Quan Masters (another space game): -Ancient Domains of Mystery (like NetHack): -Progress Quest (try it): -Betrayal at Krondor (old school RPG):******116 -Beneath a Steel Sky (I remember this game, play it!): -Out of Order (in the vein of old school Lucasarts games): -The New Adventures of Zak McCracken (or something, fan made remake of old Lucasarts game): -Dink Smallwood (like Zelda): -Elder Scrolls: Arena (granddaddy of Morrowwind): -Graal (Fantasy/old world RPG): Other: -Tactics Arena (online only tactics game, like Final Fantasy Tactics): -Hattrick (manage a soccer team): -Stepmania (home version of DDR): -Darksigns (hacking game):, then patch with this -Button Men (online version of a dice game): -Babylon 5: I've Found Her (space sim): -Stair/truck Dismount (great time killer, good physics): -Orbiter (space flight simulator): -Legends (APPARENTLY its some remake of Tribes 1): -Noctis (space picture thing game): -Pokemon NetBattle (online Pokemon game): -Decker (based on the Matrix from Shadowrun): -River City Hacky Sack (cool game): -Megamek (adaptation of the old Battletech board game): -Starships Unlimited (shareware, but fun): -One Must Fall 2097 (old but cool fighter): -Cybots (online bot game, SA already has a clan going): -Silver Knights (3D mech shooter): -Tong (Tetris + Pong = Tong): -Vantage Master (engrish RPG): -O2Jam (DDRish, I guess?) -ASDF Hoverboard (MMORPG Racer): -Shot Online (Online Golf Game): -Battle for Wesnoth (Like FFTactics):