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La Uncyclopedia (Desciclopedia), que asegura ser la «enciclopedia de la desinformación políticamente incorrecta», es una parodia de la Wikipedia en inglés, aunque Uncyclopedia diga que es al revés. Cuenta también con unos pocos artículos en español


Ejemplo de definicion:


Latin American country which many people belives to be in Brazil but it's owninhabitants believe to be in Europe.

Argentina is mostly purple and large areas of it are injection-moulded from polypropylene. It is not advised for small children (under 3 years) as small parts of Argentina may easily be swallowed. Do not immerse Argentina in water and do not feed it after midnight. It is strongly requested that you not cry for it.

Argentina is equipped with three USB ports, a full-colour monitor, and a small shovel. Aforementioned shovel is usually employed by Argentinians to bury themselves in dirt.

Argentina also has periodic cameo appearances on the critically acclaimed soap opera, boat de love. where she plays the deadly foriegn half-robot sex slave of the aristocrat, dobby the house elf of harry potter

Only £39.99 from all good pet shops*.

One of Madonna's favourite songs is Don't laugh at me, Argentina!. This song was written to avoid any embarrassment that Argentinians may have because of the fact that Madonna was an actress in a movie on neighbouring country, Mexico.

*Batteries not included.


The name Argentina is derived from the Maltese name Argh which means bronze. (Wrong). The word Argentina actually derives from the Sanskrit word Argentum which has no exact translation; the closest English equivalent phrase would go something like, "That's what your mom said last night." The reason for this is unclear.


There's only one group of artists in Argentina that actually played music, called Serú Girán . Once upon a time it existed tango, a musical style that was banned after Lou Reed visited the country. Perhaps this is why the competition for a new national anthem has been dominated by primarily foreign composers, such as Green Day's submission, "Dude, Where's My Albatross?".

Armed Forces

An Argentinian bomber attacks the Royal Navy flagship during the Falklands War

The famous navy of argentina was set up by the drunkard exiles of the Irish Empire . The Irish empire that stretched for over twelve miles was truly amazing that some decided they would leave and do some stuff other places. One boy William Brown decided he could rowing his rubber ducky at the axe of four to Argentina he defeated the british navy in an armed conflict bigger than any in history. Four Hundred battle ships sunk by one rubber ducky , unfortunatly the ducky died shortly after.

And thus is the birth of the Argentinian Navy , the rubber ducky is still used today as a war vessel although the newly improved armour rubber ducky is favoured.

The air force is composed of a single bi-plane aquired from the Wright Brothers, retrofitted to carry SPAM and the voice of Eva Perón.

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