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We announced our very special VIP Guaranteed Redemption at 3 PM. 24 members will qualify and, if they have enough available PTZ in their account for the product of their choice, they get to redeem that product. No signing in through the website; no wondering what day and time the redemption will occur; no "fresh out" for this special redemption. Those who qualify will be contacted by a MEG (Member Experience Guru) from Lockerz and receive personal assistance in redeeming their PTZ and arranging for expedited shipping anywhere in the world.

Of course, as with all redemptions, qualifying means that a member has not violated any of the Terms of Use, rules or other conditions related to the redemption. What's different about this VIP Guaranteed Redemption is that we will pre-screen first. If you are notified that you are one of the 24 qualifiers, you and we already will know that no violations were discovered and the redemption can go forward.

Here's how it works (all times are based on EDT) :

The redemption qualification begins tonight, July 30 at 7 PM and lasts until Sunday, August 1 at 7 PM. At 7 PM tonight, we will announce on the Hallway what it will take to qualify for the VIP Guaranteed Redemption. If you want to participate, go there to find out from Lockerz. Messages to Lockerz or through Facebook, Twitter or any other method seeking early disclosures or hints will not be answered. Many members will guess; others will say they know. But, the only sure way for you to really know is for Lockerz to tell you on the Hallway at 7 PM.

Starting on Saturday, July 31 at around 1:30 AM, Lockerz also will start announcing on the Hallway up to 3 qualifiers from the period up to then and will continue to announce more qualifiers on the Hallway, approximately every six hours for the remainder of the redemption qualification period.
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By choosing to take part in qualifying for this redemption, you agree to the following rules and conditions:

1) Use of bots, scripts, programs, or any method that involves the use of deception, false information, fraud,, manipulation, avoidance, or cheating of any kind in order to qualify for this redemption is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification from this redemption and may result in any further penalties it deems appropriate, including loss of all or any portion of PTZ, and termination of membership. Lockerz, in its sole discretion, will make these determinations of violations, penalties, and all other matters affecting qualifications for this redemption.

2) If you are one of the 24 members who qualify for this VIP Guaranteed Redemption, you can redeem only one (1) item and it must be from the catalog listed below at the PTZ values listed in the catalog.

3) By the end of the qualifying period on August 1 at 7 PM, a qualifying member must have enough PTZ in her or his account to redeem the item you select.

4) In addition to the description of what members have to do to qualify for this redemption, all the Terms of Use and PTZ Rules still apply and must be followed in order to qualify for the VIP Guaranteed Redemption.

5) In the event of any ties in qualifying, Lockerz has the sole discretion to decide among the qualifying members which will get to participate in the redemption.

6) The Very Important Person ("VIP") treatment the 24 qualifying members will receive is based on certain differences in this redemption from other redemptions. But, to avoid any confusion, there are no guarantees or promises of any kind that everyone who wishes or attempts to qualify will qualify. There are no guarantees or promises that all who qualify will be selected; there are only going to be up to 24 qualifying members selected to redeem their PTZ in this redemption. There are no guarantees or promises those who do qualify and are selected to redeem will be able to receive any item they choose. If selected, you can choose only one item that is listed in the catalog for this redemption and only if your account has at least as many PTZ in it as the PTZ value listed in the catalog for that chosen item.. There are no guarantees or promises that the product you want will be in the catalog associated with this redemption or added to the catalog. You should choose whether or not to participate based on the understanding that you can choose only from those items listed in the catalog and, if you qualify and are selected, can only choose to redeem one of the items listed if you have at least as many PTZ in your account as the PTZ value listed in the catalog for that item. Finally, there are no guarantees or promises that Lockerz will hold another redemption like this one.

7) While Lockerz will work to secure prompt shipping of redeemed items, the overall timing and speed of order delivery to you depends on a number of factors outside of Lockerz' control such as time it takes to obtain products from a vendor and the carrier/shipper selected.

8) If you refuse your shipment for any reason, there will be a PTZ penalty.

9) The PTZ levels in the catalog associated with VIP Guaranteed Redemption are for this redemption only and do not apply to any other redemptions, including any SHOP or General redemptions.

10) Cost of shipping is included in the PTZ amount, but you are responsible for paying any taxes, duties, or other charges added by any government authority.
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PayPal $750 14000

PayPal $450 10000

PayPal $300 8000

PayPal $250 7000

PayPal $150 4000

PayPal $75 3100

PayPal $50 2200

Amazon US $100 4000

Amazon US $75 3000

Amazon US $50 2000

Amazon US $25 1000

MacBook 13 inch 4175

New iPod Touch 64 GB 3375

New iPod Touch 32 GB 2975

New iPod Touch 8 GB 1475

4 GB Shuffle Black 1875

4 GB Shuffle Blue 1875

4 GB Shuffle Green 1875

4 GB Shuffle Pink 1875

4 GB Shuffle Silver 1875

Apple Magic Mouse 3075

Ticketmaster $50 835

Ticketmaster $25 465

Southwest $100 1350

Southwest $50 775

Best Buy $250 3225

Best Buy $100 1875

Best Buy $50 915

Best Buy $25 615
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